Is the MT4 Cost Worth it with the White Label Broker Solutions?

Forex buying/selling is one of the most volatile yet lucrative places to be. One of the biggest hurdles that brokers have to face in getting their platforms security system integrated. For that, you need MT4 (Meta Trader 4) platform that provides you with your unique security.

And, usually, if you think that came at a reasonable price, then the price tag looks something like a $100,000. And, that is not affordable by many Forex start-ups or even individual brokers.

This is also the reason why many smaller forex brokers look for seamless integration through White Label Broker Solutions.

A carefully designed and automated platform that comes with its very own customized CRM, integration with telephones, sharing of international leads, and tracking them and a 24/7 customer support service.

This is one of the best initiatives that make the Forex industry more inclusive of all kinds of brokers — starting from small to the big sharks.


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An MT4 Trading Platform | Features

  • Processing the usual trading operations
  • Broadcasting of quotations
  • Implement Back-Up of all Data
  • Operational Security System
  • Account & Risk Management

Is the MT4 Cost Worth it? 

The short answer is ‘yes.’ The cost is worth it. Only if you have that much capital to invest in that is. If not, it is not.

As a newbie broker, what you would really need is a catered solution that grows with your business. You get your very own CRM, Security Integration, MT4 platform for trading, Lead tracking, and data tracking with 24*7 customer support.

Many places also give you your very own customized website that not just creates brand reliability, which is a significant factor in the forex industry and generates leads from everywhere in the world.

Another critical aspect of the heft MT4 cost is that it slows you down as a business owner, forcing you not to expand spending on other aspects.

The White Label Platform Solutions are built to give owners full power over their products and sell them. This way, you can only focus on your business instead of marketing, production architecture, CRM, and Leads tracking.

The last thing you as a broker would need is your client turning away because of your un-impressive business operations. Or maybe the reliability factor of your business is not good enough because the MT4 cost has cut funds for your operations.

This is where you are having to power your own brand while Label Platforms gives you the client reach, business recognition, seamless operations, and quality leads and tracking that you need.

With separate accounting for orders and trades, a flexible trading system that was catered for your business and clients ensures that your clients have the forex buying/selling experience they deserve.

With a cross-platform integration over all devices, you would not lose out on any data that goes through your forex business. This also inherently means that your business is only set for expansion and retaining its clients all the way.

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