Psychological Side of Online Poker Players

Imagine you are sitting at a poker table with a stranger and his playing strategy is unknown to you. You have been dealt a two-card hand. The stranger raises. Will you call or fold? How do you decide the step? Online poker is a game of intellect, a game of skill. Well, psychology plays a large part in poker games.

This post will not mention your bankroll woes, but the mental strength you need to deal throughout the course of the game and beat any stranger sitting opposite to you.


This is one of the most significant qualities an online poker player has and it has the ability of making or breaking his play poker online career. But many players have the wrong notion that patience is only restricted to waiting for the best poker hand to come your way. Patience can be waiting for the right game to begin which has a format that you’re good at, rather than casually playing because you want to play a game or two.


It’s a normal tendency of poker players to study the strengths and weaknesses of their opponents. However, they forget to focus on their own weaknesses. Each hand and the reaction of your opponent to it increases the stress level in you. Hence, it would be wise to observe the reasons behind the pressure build-up.

Taking full breaks from playing on a regular basis is advisable. Refrain from self-analysis during this period. Sit back and relax, and try to avoid the thoughts of the games you have already played.

Climb the Levels

Always notice who are amateur players whenever you’re at a table and who are highly experienced. This will help you learn a lot from the expert poker players and ultimately climb the levels. Ensure you target the accurate kind of player to overthrow him/her from the poker table and similarly respect the company of the expert players.


Many experts consider tilt as an unavoidable hindrance in the psychological well-being of a poker player. It is normal for a player who studies and self-analyses his/her gameplay, devour study material and still loses in his/her endgame. It is a feeling of displeasure as they folded to a bluff, got their bluff called and many other reasons. Ensure you never permit it to control you and how you play the next hands.

Psychological or to be precise, your emotional health should be a priority for you. When you stick to one particular kind of lifestyle, and especially if the lifestyle is connected to poker games online, it becomes a duty to give yourself an ample amount of break. This kind of break brings peace to mind after brainstorming sessions at the poker table. Indulge in self-analysis, however over-analyzing is not a healthy practice also.

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