Your Guide to Tattoo Removal Prices in Australia

You were young, you were in love, maybe you had too much to drink. One day, you decided it was time to get a tattoo.

Now every time you look in the mirror you see an ex-lover’s name tattooed on your neck. Or when you put a bathing suit on, a faded butterfly peeks out from your bikini bottom.

Are you tired or embarrassed of that tattoo you got so long ago? Thankfully, tattoo removal has come a long way recently. And tattoo removal prices are falling too.

If you’re hoping to erase some old ink, read on for your complete guide to tattoo removal in Australia.

Tattoo Removal Process

The best method for removing a tattoo involves a laser that shoots bright light at the skin in short, powerful bursts.

Other options include microdermabrasion and surgery, but these options are not as effective or too invasive.

The laser removal option has come a long way in recent years. The speed of the pulses has increased from nanoseconds to picoseconds. You won’t notice the difference, but you will see a more effective process.

The laser will pulse the tattoo with quick bursts of light that break up the ink into tiny pieces. The ink is then absorbed by your body’s immune defense system and processed out. 

What to Know Before You Go

There are many reputable tattoo removal facilities in Australia. You can also go to a doctor’s office for the treatment as well.

Either way, do your research before you go. Not all tattoo removal places are created equal!

Call a few different facilities. Ask about their process, their equipment, and get a quote on your removal.

Also, keep these things in mind:

  1. It’s Going to Hurt

Getting the tattoo was painful, and the laser bursts sting just as badly. Some facilities will offer anesthetic to numb the tattoo location before the process. 

  1. It’s Going to Be a Process

Tattoo removal is not a one and done deal, unfortunately. Depending on the size and color of the tattoo, you will have to return for a few sessions. 

  1. It’s Going to Cost You More Than the Tattoo Did

The facility will charge you on a per-session basis, Each session will run you around the cost of a tattoo itself.

Tattoo Removal Prices

The price of removing your tattoo depends on three things:  the size of the tattoo, its color, and where it is on your body.

The size and color will also affect how many sessions the removal will take.

One small tattoo will take two to three sessions and should run you between $70-$90 per session. A larger piece, or a darker or red-colored tattoo, can range from three to six sessions. Each session should cost between $200-$400.

Tattoo removal prices will vary depending on your location as well. These costs are based on quotes from Melbourne tattoo removal facilities.

Ready to Get Rid of That Ink?

Tattoos are no longer a lifelong decision. With improved processes and better tattoo removal prices, you can undo that decision your younger self-made.

Maybe you’re trying to start your own business, or maybe you’re getting ready for your wedding and want to look your best.

We can help! Make sure you take a look at the rest of our blog for more helpful tips. 

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