Is It Hard To Trade?

Trading assets is not a new way of getting income. And everyone knows that a great strategy is a key to successful trading. If you are a newbie to the crypto world, you’ve probably heard two things about trading: it is profitable but highly complicated. Cryptocurrency prices can rapidly grow as well as drastically fall. It is called volatility, and it makes trading so profitable when performed by experts. This same volatility causes lots of difficulties for traders. Sudden rate changes can cost them a lot or make them rich if they noticed at the right moment. 

Crypto market never sleeps  

Crypto assets are traded 24/7, meaning that traders need permanent monitoring. An extremely volatile crypto market requires more attention than the traditional market. FOMO pressures a trader to keep his eye on the cryptocurrency charts waiting for the next price pump. Algorithmic bots can work around the clock, continuously monitoring the situation on the market. Fully automated trading proved to be much more efficient. This track of the outstanding record is the primary reason why automated trading platforms execute 75% of trades on the US Stock Exchange.

New instruments in trading

The trading business is regularly getting changed and improved. To enhance the efficiency of trading, investment funds like Bitsonar and individual traders implement new financial instruments. Some of them reached mass adoption and are a must in the professional trading. Unfortunately, people make mistakes, which can cost a lot when it comes to trading. And that’s where the power of trading bots comes in and solves the problem with its pre-decided algorithms and automated strategies.

Applying algorithmic trading systems helps to avoid human errors and increase the accuracy of the market predictions. A trader is a person and still is very emotional and can make spontaneous decisions, not always leading to success. Trading bots allow users to carefully fix their strategy to a pre-decided algorithm, initiating buy/sell orders when determined. Furthermore, a cryptocurrency trading bot can make trades much more quickly and efficiently than a trader would be able to. 

Bitsonar is a cryptocurrency investment fund that developed the first quantum trading bot. Algorithms of the fund employ higher mathematics and predictive analytics. Mathematical models make it possible to predict market behavior in one direction or another more accurately.

Bitsonar also uses only low-risk and high-return strategies, which are based on quantum hypotheses that are formulated and validated over a lengthy period of time. The trading bot analyses the data from several major exchanges to make the most detailed predictions.

Trading algorithms calculate divergence in existing contracts and make deals when the desired, pre-specified return is reached. The quantum approach to formulating arbitrage hypotheses allows mitigating any risk, while at the same time significantly increasing the profits.

Automated algo trading is an excellent choice for beginners, who have no time and skills to trade alone, but want to benefit from trading. There are lots of platforms, including Bitsonar, where you can try to trade with a bot for free. Now it is for you to decide what suits you best and which way to go. 

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