Is a Public Safety Career a Good Fit?

When it comes to pursuing a career in the public safety industry, there is a lot to think about. Unnoticed to some, many public safety professionals take on several hats. The training and hands-on experience can be overwhelming for some. Is having a career in public safety a good fit for someone? Lives are risked daily with these professions, so being able to withstand the day to day grind is important. Public safety professions include law enforcement, EMS, fire & rescue, and security. We’ll go over each and list the pros and cons for them.

Law Enforcement

Training for law enforcement is 21 weeks or 840 hours. This is a serious job where you’re protecting lives and protecting your own. Understanding the importance of the job can help determine if this career path is right for you.


Law enforcement is a tough job. Many become desensitized to the elements around. At some point, you have to fill your brain with something other than the horrific crime you just witnessed. There is dependability on the firearm and badge. Watching where you come and go can become a paranoid habit. Paranoia is by far the biggest con. 


Clear mindset. A clear mindset and objective are instilled in many. Knowing that you are going for justice should make you proud to wear the badge. The bond that officers have is a great help. You will always be backed by your brothers and sisters in blue; creating a bigger family than you imagined. The job creates a fitness lifestyle. You have to do foot pursuits at times, which mean keeping your cardio up and staying in shape is key. Law enforcement officers can make a huge impact on the community. Someone who is looking to make a difference can find a promising career as a law enforcement officer.

The law enforcement aspect of public safety is truly important. There has to be a balance, otherwise crime would increase beyond imagination.


Becoming an EMS, also known as a paramedic, can be life-altering. This profession won’t have you looking over your shoulder as much as law enforcement, but it can leave you awake at night with the nightmares that you faced while on the job. Despite that, the profession brings satisfaction to millions of individuals who decided to join.


Dealing with death is a reality with this profession. As much as you try to save another person’s life, some just do not make it. Fortunately, this is not an everyday occurrence. Some calls can be a minor mishap that was called in. Another con is that your family life will be interrupted. You will have to have a supportive family to keep up with the profession.


Respect can go a long way. With a career as an EMS, you are respected among the community because you are looked up to as the hero that is saving lives. EMS professionals are extremely important because their first oath is to keep others alive. Their job entails putting their all into the effort of preserving life. For those who have ambition and are driven to care for others, this is an excellent career choice.

Fire & Rescue

Fire and rescue professionals are also known as firefighters. They are responsible for preventing fires and responding to them. We will be spending a lot of your overnight hours in the station. This career is a good fit for someone who is drawn to preventing loss from a fire. Now, sometimes you just might use a ladder to rescue a cat, but it is still worth it.


You are able to be an acting EMS and a firefighter. Many firemen route patients to the hospital or do minor things that are not on the full-blown scale of an EMS. Firefighters become your family. You are always cared for and looked out for. You are acknowledged for your efforts and hard work. Firefighters have the reputation of being some of the hardest working public safety professionals. Since you are dealing with water, fires, foam and the like, you will be wearing some outstanding foot gear such as men’s waterproof work boots.


The hours can be stressful and interrupt the work and home balance. Your life is on the line when it comes to entering burning buildings. This is by far the scariest because you never know the outcome. Your fire and rescue family can be hurt as well. When you build that relationship up to call others your family, there is a bond that is unbreakable. With that bond comes worrying over your station family when they are out on a job.

Taking on the responsibility of preventing fires and rescuing lives is not an easy task. Those that are passionate about preventing and rescue will find a fulling career with fire and rescue.


Security is just as important as the rest. Those that settle into the security profession are protecting valuables for someone or a business.


Respect. Security professionals understand the lengths that they go to in order to protect what they should. Your family life is not disturbed. You are still able to have a work and home life.


Sometimes security can be viewed as rent-a-cop or flashlight cops. You aren’t taken seriously by many because you don’t have a firearm.

No matter what path you follow in public safety, you will be a great asset to so many people. Your hard work will pay off as you meet the needs of so many. 

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