Can You Get Deposit Slips at the Bank?

Keeping track of the amount of money in your bank account and how much you’ve been spending can be a challenge if you don’t have the right documents. Among the most helpful are deposit slips which show how much you transfer at a give time. If you’re not certain about the safety of your account online or aren’t used to keeping paper documents around, it’s best to develop the habit of saving copies of deposit slips.

If you’re trying to stay on top of your expenses, your bank is a reliable source to get these documents, as they will help you track your spending. Here is how you can get access to your deposit slips.

Bank Statements

If you prefer to discuss financials in person rather than over the phone or via email, you can head to the bank and talk about your account’s status in person. You can get copies of deposit slips for single or multiple transactions through your bank statements, which come in handy if you’ve made a lot of purchases the previous week or month.

With a bank statement, you can track the funds currently in your account and how much was in there for as far back as a month. You’ll be able to see where you’ve spent money at certain points, which could help you remember your purchases. This will save you time on finding specific deposits for which you need a slip.

Mailed Slips

There are certain circumstances that can get in the way of errands. If you can’t take the time to get a slip at your local bank, then you have the option to have it mailed to your address instead. With the proper verification and with your authorization, your bank may even send you these documents to the address of your preference. So, whether you’re on a trip abroad or visiting family, you can have access to your documents whenever you please.

Business Slips

Some banks make it easier to access documents over others, so if you don’t belong to a bank that can collect deposit slips from your place of business, then you should consider switching to one that does. This service is great for express deposits and saves you the trouble of making a quick run to the bank on your lunch break.

With this option, you can make deposits at drop-off boxes and night safes so that you’re not restricted on when you can do so. It helps to keep a record of what you want to deposit and what you want to keep before you fill out this specific slip, and your bank should provide business express deposit envelopes for the occasion.

Creating an Online Account

If you’re willing to see how much quicker and convenient the digital world can be, then you can create an online account with your bank. This will allow you to get slips for any deposit you want and saves you the trouble of having to wait on a long line at the bank to speak to a representative.

You would need to provide specific information for your accounts, such as your Social Security number, address, and date of birth. This will allow you to request and access slips from the comfort of your living room or local cafe, be it on your phone or computer.

Keep this guide in mind so that you can make deposits faster than ever before.

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