IOTransfer, an iPhone/iPad Manager Review

As we all know that smartphones have become a most significant part of our daily life and all credit goes to app ecosystem in Android and iOS platform that allowed users to communicate with their devices in a most productive manner.

But when it comes to quality alongside with top-notch hardware and software then we all agreed to the fact that iOS devices are the best when it comes to serving amazing app experience. That said, ownership of iOS devices do come with certain restrictions such as a compulsory requirement of either iTunes or iCloud for basic tasks such as transferring the media files between Windows PC and iPhone or other iOS devices. Believe it or not, iTunes is not as smooth on Windows compared to Mac.

Now the question arises, how to get rid of such issues. Here is the key to the mystery; IOTransfer is an iPhone transfer software available for Windows designed to manage the data on all of your iOS devices in the simplest way possible.


The user-interface is the most significant aspect of any software or app because that’s where a user can interact with the software and utilize it in a productive manner. And as far as the IO Transfer’s user-interface is concerned, any novice user with a basic knowledge of computer can easily operate the software in an efficient and effective manner.


Here are the following features that software offers:

The IOTransfer software basically enables you to transfer your data and media files among your iOS devices to your PC or Mac very easily. In simple terms, the software allows you to import and export music, videos, photos, podcasts, books etc between your Apple devices and your Mac or Windows PC without any technical issues.

Transfer Your Photos and Videos

Transferring the photos and videos from iOS devices to PC and vice versa has always been a headache for the iOS users as most of the time you need to upon iCloud which is an expensive method as you have to spend some money for storage purposes. With IOTransfer, you can transfer and backup all your images and video clips from your iOS devices to your PC or Mac. All you need to do is; Simply connect your iOS device to your PC or Mac with USB cable and you can either export or import the image or videos you want. You can also transfer bulk pictures and video clips.

Transfer Your Music

Well, music is the most significant media stream in today’s era and one can’t afford to lose his or her playlist at any cost. And iOS devices are well known for music procurement. With IOTransfer, you can transfer your song list from your apple device to your PC/Mac and Vice versa. Simply connect your iOS device to your PC/Mac using USB cable and start transferring with IOTransfer. IOTransfer also enables you to export your music to iTunes. Just select the music you want and click on iTunes button.

Secure your other data and apps

This software also allows you to do a backup of your important apps, ibook, voice memo and podcasts. And also you can restore them back to your device if you want. This one is also a one tap method where you just need to select the files you want to export or import and then click on the buttons ‘Add’ to import or click on the button ‘To PC’ to export. This feature is beneficial for all those who are conscious about their data and who want to keep a safe copy of their phone in case of any mishap.


You can download the IOTransfer, a free iPhone manager here.

Here you can download read the press kit for more details about the software.


  • User-interface is simple and responsive
  • Easy to install and use
  • Easy to transfer media files and data from iOS device to Windows and vice-versa


  • The software is purely for convenience. It may or may not be required depending on your usability.


The IOTransfer is truly an iPhone/iPad manager that helps you in accessing your media files and data across various platforms without any technical barrier. Though there are other options available in the market with advanced features in them but IOTransfer is capable of transfer/sync contents between iPhone/iPad/iPod in iOS 11/10/9/8 without any hassle. Overall, the software is recommended from our side considering the flexibility, usability, and reliability.

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