Indians in an average spends around 3 hours a day in smartphones!

I make this point once again, we are spending too much of our own time into these smartphones. No wonder the people are becoming dumber as smartphones keeps on getting much smarter and intelligent. But let us also face it, smartphones have become an integral part of the lives of many people in the world. We are only an extension of this victim group.

In movies of James Bond, smartphones could do anything, from driving a car to locating a person. But how does the common man spend his or her time with the smartphone? Let us see what the studies have revealed.

“Social and chat apps are the reason why most new users buy a smartphone. However, 40 percent mature smartphone users say their usage is no longer limited to social purposes. (At least) 24 percent of smartphone owners use mobile apps such as WhatsApp and WeChat for business purposes to sell products and services, expanding their reach to new customers,” the study revealed.

“Maturity is an important dimension in mobile broadband behaviour. Mature users consume almost twice as much data as new users. As consumers explore more apps and services relevant to their interests and needs, mobile broadband usage is set to grow,” Ajay Gupta, vice president-strategy and marketing, Ericsson India said.

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