Improve your smartphone battery level

If you have an Android OS mobile, perhaps one of the common issues that you face is the poor battery life. Many times, in spite of charging for hours, the battery might not last a complete day also. While there isn’t anything that can completely solve this issue, however you could follow some tips to enhance the battery life to some extent.

While it is understandable that smartphones without internet is like a gun without any bullets, we would suggest you to avoid using 3G for the entire time and instead you could alternatively use WiFi networks which can help to increase the battery life.

Also you could dim the screen brightness level to make the most of battery life as keeping the brightness to full level all the time will only eat up the battery faster than normal. Whatever battery life a mobile might claim in the market is only valid for low brightness levels only for most of the times.

You might consider deactivating live and animated wallpapers too.

Also don’t always suspend the apps and instead close them. The easy way to do this is closing all background applications that are running which actually consumes lots of battery charge to keep them running. It’s common sense, too many applications running at the same time consumes too much processor time which again consumes too much battery.

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