5 must have Smartwatch apps!

Just like smartphones are pretty much useless without relevant apps and an internet connection, Smartwatches are also useless without these apps, however you might not require internet connection for these purposes. But what are the must-have apps for these Android Wear watches? Let us have a look at some of the few:

EverNote: Evernote’s Android Wear app is more advanced than most: in addition to providing notifications on your wrist and taking down new notes by voice, the app lets you search for and browse your existing notes.

EAT24: I’d consider myself next to James Bond if I could order biriyani or burger from my Smartwatch and that is what perhaps EAT24 is for. The app is limited to reordering from your favorite restaurants with a voice command or a few taps, though, so you’ll have to jump to your smartphone for any advanced searching or special orders.

Runkeeper or Runstastic: Both apps let you to start tracking a run with just a simple voice action and you can see detailed progress and stats during and after.

Trello: Trello for Android Wear lets you dictate new cards right from your wrist and reply to comments on existing cards and act on notifications without using your phone.

1Weather: 1Weather doesn’t have a whole lot of functionality outside of notifications, but it is possible to read severe weather alerts and see multiday forecasts without ever touching your phone.

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