5 Excellent Brand Advertising Methods to Boost Your Business

You’ve created a new business that offers exceptional services. You know that once you reach customers, they’ll turn to you for sure. But how do you reach them?

Read on to learn 5 brand advertising methods to boost your business online and in your area.

1. Create an Online Presence

With 97% of customers searching for services online, you need an online presence. Use your online presence to show off your brand, announce news, and connect with customers:


If you don’t have a website already, you need to create one. Make sure it looks professional–you may want to hire a designer to produce your logo or a web designer to make your site attractive.

Social Media

Social media helps you connect with customers and share updates. Post pictures regularly to keep them interested, or advertise discounts and coupons. 


If you add a blog to your website, you can share useful information while also inviting customers to contact you. A blog will help your website show up in the internet search rankings.

2. Add a YouTube Channel

Creating a YouTube channel gives you yet another way to attract and inform new customers, and sometimes the channel itself can become your main marketing draw. For instance, the Blendtec “Will it Blend?” videos, in which the Blendtec founder threw household items into a blender, gathered the company more than 60,000 Facebook followers, 34,000 Twitter followers, and 880,000 YouTube subscribers.

Attract potential customers with how-to videos, videos demonstrating your product, or entertainment focusing on your brand. You may also want to invest in YouTube advertisements.

3. Claim Your Google Business

46% of internet users get online to search for local information. This means you need to link your business to your address so that your name comes up in local searches, and also take charge of your business information.

First, you need to claim your business. You can do this at the Google My Business page, through Google Maps, or with the Google My Business app.

After you claim your business, you should see an option to “Verify My Business.” Google will then contact you using your business location.

Once you have set up your Google Business account, you can request and respond to Google reviews. 82% of consumers read reviews, so make sure your customers are leaving good feedback. 

4. Order Swag for Brand Advertising

If you want customers to remember your name, order swag featuring your brand. Give your employees items they can use or wear in public, such as shirts, hats, or jackets. Hand out gear that customers will use repeatedly, such as coffee cups, water bottles, or pens. 

If you don’t know of a supplier in your area, you can order products from an online company swag store.

5. Advertise With Your Car

Do you want local customers to see your name? Stick it on your car. By applying decals with your brand logo and website or phone number, you’ll get your name out in public every time you leave the house.

Boost Your Brand

With creativity and effort, you can use brand advertising online and in the real world. Make your brand so familiar that your customers will come searching for you! 

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