How to Prevent iPhone Theft While Traveling

According to data released by Wired, Apple’s iPhone still tops U.S. smartphone sales despite the rising popularity of Samsung and Nokia. This means, for the time being at least, that the iPhone remains the face of smartphone culture in America. But this infamy is a double-edged sword, because while modern consumers can spot a sleek iPhone a mile away, so can petty criminals. In fact, those who travel to foreign locales with their iPhones and flash them around run the very real risk of having that iPhone lifted.

Of course, there are many safeguards the average traveler can put in place to ensure they hang on to that handheld. Some of these have to do with common sense practices while others utilize the same technology the iPhone was intended for. And by adhering to a multi-pronged security strategy, travelers can mitigate risk and all but ensure they return home with that iPhone safe and sound.

Lock the iPhone

This is a given, but the problem is that many people opt to not lock their iPhones because it’s no fun entering a passcode every time they want to use it. However, travelers should set the lock and deal with the inconvenience for the duration of their trip. Doing so is often the first defense against data loss.

Install a security app

And there are indeed many good ones on the market. As mobile technology improves, so do the security features on offer from these applications. Many newer options in the App Store allow for remote tracking via GPS as well as data wipe/lock and an alarm. Also, many security apps allow the user to remotely snap a photo of the perp’s face with the integrated iPhone camera. A couple examples of quality security apps are Prey and MyFoundCast.

Backup data

Those folks, travelers or not, who don’t back up their smartphone data do so at their own peril. The good news is that, thanks to iCloud, securing all data on an iPhone is no longer a protracted process. All users need to do is complete the quick iCloud setup and the program will then allow for quick backups and restoration of the unit’s most vital data.

Purchase travelers insurance

Shelling out money for a low-risk proposition such as smartphone loss or theft may seem unnecessary to some – until they find themselves without their handheld while abroad. Therefore, it’s best to plan on buying a basic policy before any big trip where the chances of theft or loss are a reality. Those who are considering purchasing travelers insurance can find a list of reputable providers from Frommers.

In the end, all of these security tips add up to just one basic concept – being well prepared. Those travelers who do take these notions to heart will find that they will be able to enjoy their trip free of the dreaded scenario that involves losing vital data or having to file a report at a strange police station in the futile hopes of recovering a stolen iPhone.

Editor’s Note: Aaron Mills is a blogger who writes on behalf of companies such as ID theft provider.

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