Know how important website security is to protecting your blog

A hacked site can be a big setback to you and your online reputation. It can cost both in terms to your brand reputation and revenue you earn online. Whether people come to your site or blog to read anything or check updates and find out any relevant information their basic requirement is a feeling of security. A visitor coming to your blog or site should feel safe and secure while consuming any information online. Hence website security is vital in terms of getting the real success online. Cyber crimes have put forth a big impact over a number of business organizations including many bigger groups found in the market. These malicious activities have being simply tarnished the images of these companies in the market. Security of your website is also important in perspective of blogs. As you know the blogs you create for your business is also connected and points out to your website, hence its security also comes at stake when the safety of website is compromised.  In other words, you can say that the website security has its own importance even in protecting your blog. Let’s check it how.

Cascading effects over your blog readers

If your site’s security is compromised then it has its own repercussions over the blog. You can therefore find the readers coming over your blog who will receive messages or warning messages regarding the threats, which would be more than enough for them to flee away from your blog. Such hacked sites can become the launch pads for further hacking, which means further malicious software or even malware could be installed over the readers checking your blog. This means your readers would also face certain security issues or threats of their sensitive data (bank details, PIN, password, etc) can be stolen. It can also send your blog readers certain illegal content including a number of viruses or child pornography stuff. Thus you give big reason to the blog readers to run away from your blog and of course your website as well.

Blog readers face the threats

Due to the cyber attacks or improper security over your site, the malicious people like hackers and crackers get an opportunity to continue their efforts of squeezing your data from your website and even blog. Your readers and customers who are attached to your site and blog share important data with you that can be stolen by the hackers and crackers, which include getting the credit card or bank details. This can ruin your online reputation and the rapport, which you have built out of sheer hard work.  Thus if you do not want to destroy your brand and online reputation you would certainly not going to allow compromising your site’s security.

The penalization from Google

As a result due to poor and compromised website security, you can bring in serious implications over your site, which also pumps in your blog as well. Apart from losing the classified information of your customers and blog readers, you can see the search engines especially Google blocking your site and blog over the search results. This is because Google will not rank any site or blog, which becomes the source of spreading malware or viruses thus also hampering the giant search engine’s reputation for its users. So, if your site is banned, it also blocks your blog while anybody searches the relevant keywords on Google, Yahoo or Bing. This can have a devastating impact over your readership, brand and customer base, which you will certainly not like to see for your business venture.

The road ahead

In order to address this problem, you can find a number of solutions available both for free and the paid options. There are many security tools and antivirus programs, which help you in monitoring your site and alert you for different virus and malware attacks happening backdoor. These programs will also help in knowing and blocking the shell scripts that are installed over our server along with the insecure kind of configurations and several suspicious hacker activities. In order to keep your site smooth and free flowing and eventually to your blog, these tools will actively scan all the links that can point to malware and malicious websites to make sure your secured site simply remains safe and away from getting penalized by search engines especially Google. Furthermore, with certain security checks, which can be installed over your blog you would get time to time alerts even the certain plugins remain vulnerable to exploits.

Final word

A secured website has its own role in protecting your blog as these two are interlinked to each other. If your site remain vulnerable to security threats, it is likely to have its repercussions over your blog, hence security your site is very much vital in your blog protection point of view.

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