How To Block Pop Up Adverts On Movie Streaming Sites

When we are watching a particular movie, we do connect with the story and have made a link with that movie. But the fun gets ruined when pop up adverts interrupt the movie streaming. These pop-up adverts are also quite common while you are looking for the movies on streaming sites. These pop-up adverts cover most of your screen and do not allow you to view the content present on the website. To avoid the same, one can rather use a film app to stream movies. However, the below described are some ways to block pop up adverts on movie streaming sites:

  • Deny Permissions:

On visiting a particular website, they will ask you to allow or deny the notifications. If you do not want the pop-up adverts on the movie streaming sites, then make sure that you deny the request. The adverts will appear in the form of notifications if you allow the website to send you the notifications. They will keep bothering you even when you are watching a movie on that website. Hence, never allow any website to send you notifications to block pop up adverts.

  • Pop Up Blocker:

If you are getting pop up adverts even after following the above method, then you can get a pop-up blocker. All you need to do is install a reliable pop up blocker and then activate it while using a movie streaming website. After doing this, you will not have to face any notifications as well as pop up blocks while you are on that platform. You can easily get a reliable pop up blocker and most of them are free of cost. Therefore, get a pop-up blocker to block the same on movie streaming sites. 

  • Browser Settings:

Depending upon the browser that you are using to visit and stream the movies on these sites, the setting to block the pop-up adverts differs. Hence, search for such settings for the browser that you are using. In most of them, there are notification settings in the section of ‘Privacy and Security’. Try visiting it from your settings and look for the ways in which you can block these pop-up adverts. It is suggested to stream the movies using a reliable and known browser. Most of them will automatically block all the unnecessary pop-ups and notifications. Also, they will save your system from all the viruses that can enter through these pop-up adverts.

  • Visit Trusted Movie Streaming Sites:

Not all the movie streaming sites have pop-ups. Therefore, you should visit the one which provides you the best experience. The movie streaming sites that have a wide variety of films, such as Discover Film are one of the best movie streaming sites. You can enjoy your time on that platform. All the movies can be streamed without any interruption on this site. Therefore, look at the wide collection of films, choose one that you wish to watch, and stream the movie without any pop-up adverts.

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