How Smartphones Have Changed Indian Wedding Tradition, Then and Now

Being a tech blogger, I have reviewed many smartphones and apps but what I genuinely liked about today’s mobile phone technology is that its feasibility of performing the range of task is unpredictable to a humanitarian brain. For instance, In India, if someone tells you that his smartphone helped him in finding his better half then you must be shocked to hear that fact, especially in India where searching for an alliance and marry him/her is harder than setting your own textile factory, just saying.

But in today’s scenario, the smartphone technology is actually playing as a matchmaker as well as the wedding planner. This blog post is focusing on how smartphones have changed Indian wedding tradition, with a comic essence. Don’t worry, this is a deeply #technocrats post, having an in-depth significance of smartphone technology.

In Quest of Groom and Bride, Then and Now

Then: Almost twelve years ago when my sister in law’s family received a matrimonial proposal from my cousin brother’s family, her father invited the would-be groom to live in his house for a week, to get cognizant with this young man before giving any consent. Even though the bride’s father knew the groom’s family pretty well, he still wanted to have a close look when he was going to decide on something so vital, i.e. his daughter’s marriage.

Now: One year ago when my cousin sister just finished her undergrad, one day she got a call from her friend; she called my sister to invite her to her wedding. Anxious sister asked her friend, what factors helped her decide on this. Her friend replied, “He works for an SEO company in the US, I met him on my smartphone’s Tinder app and dated him for a month or so, I found him very straightforward and honest…”. My sister was started throwing her head over the wall.

In Search of Banquet Hall & Tent House, Then and Now

Then: Remember those days when the bride’s father always worried about having a banquet hall and tent house booked for his daughter’s wedding, and used to do pre-booking for all the wedding related things months before the wedding day, just to avoid a last minute turmoil that arises due to engaged wedding season.

Now: But today’s Indian wedding scenario is way different than what we’ve seen in the early 2000s. Here I’m putting a live example, few months back one of my cousin sisters (I have many) Shikha got married and trust me, arrangements were more than just wonderful. After the wedding, my mother came to bride’s father (uncle), and she said, “Bhai Sahab wedding arrangements were fabulous, from the banquet hall to food, each and every element was amazing. But how did you manage to do everything all alone.” Then he replied, “Behenji Nothing, Shikha told me about an android app called ‘UrbanClap,’ a very trusted household service provider, from there, I booked all wedding related stuff that includes a wedding planner, photographer, caterers, live band, wedding cards and so on.”

Therefore, My mother was stunned.

No More “Then and Now”, Let’s Be Specific!

Send Wedding Invitation at 4G Speed, Save Your Time, Money and Effort

Say bye to those days when you had to order the bundles of wedding cards for invitation purposes. In this era of a 4G network, you don’t need to bear a headache for such basic things. Now you just have to draw an invitation guest list, you can simply use online invitations portals to send out the e-invites through the screen of your smartphone device. Not only is this very easy to do- you even end up saving paper, time and money.

Lastly, Publicize The Wedding News To The World Via Social Media

The days when newly married couples were sending the wedding news through SMS on a random basis to friends, colleagues, and relatives are gone. Nowadays, as soon as you are married or engaged, you can announce the news to the world through social media apps of your smartphone. Wait! A WORD OF CAUTION here: Brides should tread very carefully. For a bride, announcing a wedding or engagement could end up alienating some of your single guy friends. After all, It’s the Internet

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