Honda Car Dealers Syracuse NY: What To Look For In A Dealer

Syracuse is a center for economic activities in the Northeast in terms of commerce, industry, and transportation. It’s known as a producer of automotive components and a hub for different car dealership businesses. There are over fifty car dealers in Syracuse, including Honda dealers such as  Honda City and Lamacchia Honda. This is because people prefer to own a car for their transportation.

So, if you’re planning to buy a car, know these attributes first about the dealer:

  1. Price Deals

Price matters when buying a car, and generally, nobody wants to pay too much for it. Every dealer can claim to offer a reasonable price in the area to attract buyers. To be sure, check online about the car prices and rebates from various dealers. Doing so can let you make comparisons between offers and the types of cars for sale that will suit your purpose and budget. Make the most of the internet by checking prices online and visiting various sites as much as possible. If you have clarifications to make, you can leave a message right on the page you visited, and answers are usually sent to your email.

Also, the end of the month and last week of the year is the best time to check for cars’ price since lots of special manufacturer incentives, perks, and discounts are highly offered during these times. So it’s better to visit their website during these times, too.

  1. Dealer’s Review

A good number of online sites, such as DealerRater or Edmunds, openly publish consumers’ experiences through rating a certain car dealer based on the customers’ impressions and overall experience. Through this, you can have an overview about the dealer’s quality of service to help you decide which options will fit your needs for a vehicle.

Pay attention to the overall star points and previous clients’ comments so you can have more reasons for considering such a car dealer or not. You should be wary about the types of car deals that have claim to have good ratings. For instance, if you’re planning to buy a truck but the dealer’s ratings when it comes to it are not good, then better choose another dealer. You can also make a short list of car dealers you found to have high consumer’s rating to avoid dealing with low-service car dealers.

  1. Length of Car Dealership

The maturity of service is also a remarkable factor to consider when looking for a car dealer. The Lamacchia Honda, for example, has been selling Honda Cars for 35 years now. Such dealers most likely have established facilities and standard car services already available. Since your transactions with the car dealer don’t end after the purchase, it’s vital to choose a company that has long years of experience in handling car servicing or repair.

The long-time operations of a dealership also indicate that the company’s reputation in managing the business and offering services to its clients is going well.

  1. Payment Plan and Warranty Offers

After knowing the price, reading the reviews, and observing the longevity of car dealers, you might think it’s time to buy a car, but there’s more. Choosing the best payment plan available and knowing the warranty being offered will save you from possible future disappointments and from spending an amount that is higher than the car’s trade value.

Some dealers may encourage you to take a monthly payment plan that offers low monthly amortization but actually doubles up the car’s price at the end of the day. Don’t hesitate to ask for available options and do the simple computation of your total payment if you chose that particular payment plan.

Also, consider the years of warranty being offered by the company. Warranty is vital since maintenance is a significant part of buying a vehicle. Look for a dealer that you think will provide a better payment plan and longer warranty offer.

  1. Standard of Service

Service that’s too aggressive or too uncompelling is not ideal. It feels uncomfortable to make a deal with a salesperson who seems desperate while discussing offers to the point of being pushy. On the other hand, it’s also not a happy experience when dealing with a salesperson who hesitates or can’t answer your queries and explain better options. It’s essential to transact business with a company you can be delighted with in terms of client service since it’s often the thing that leaves a good or bad impression on the buyers.


Buying a car is not as easy as it seems. Being able to know more about your car dealer first will save you from a lot of disappointments and problems in the years to come. Since your car dealer will play a big part in your car ownership, make sure to close a deal with the right dealer. This will not only leave a good impression on you, but it will also assure you of the kind of service they deliver when they’re able to meet all your automobile needs.

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