Reasons You Need a Dump Truck

Most of us associate dump trucks with industrial construction. There are plenty of uses for dump trucks in construction, but you can also use them even if you’re a homeowner working on a project on your property. Residential uses aren’t as widely known, but they do exist once you dig beneath the surface a little.

For starters, home renovation projections often mean you have to haul off a lot of old materials or debris. The phrase “dump truck,” after all, implies that you’re going to be dumping things in or out of the truck. Here are three reasons to consider dump truck services for your home.

Clearing your home before a move

The idea of using a dump truck for decluttering might sound a bit weird on its face. Sure, tidying up is big right now thanks to Marie Kondo. It seems like everyone is cleaning out their homes and taking stuff to thrift shops.

That’s an option if you’re moving, but sometimes, you have things that just won’t be accepted at your local Goodwill. Your old mattress probably shouldn’t go anywhere except the local landfill, for instance. Dump trucks are great for getting rid of a lot of stuff at once. Hauling it away in a pickup truck might take two or three trips, whereas a dump truck only requires a single trip.

In some cases, a dump truck can also work as a good alternative for a moving truck. If you do this, you need to make sure you’re not carrying anything too fragile or vulnerable to the elements. In general, a moving truck is better, but if it’s the end of the month and you forgot to book a moving company, a dump truck can get the job done in a pinch.

Landscaping projects

Gardening may seem like an old-fashioned hobby, but it’s actually becoming trendy again. Even millennials like to grab some garden tools and go out in the yard. According to the National Gardening Survey, consumers spend over $36 billion per year on lawn and garden supplies. You can even have a garden if you live in an apartment, but your options are more limited.

But when you buy your first home, your garden can extend all the way to the neighbors’ property lines. You can put fruits, vegetables, flowers, and whatever else you want in there, assuming it can grow in your part of the country. For instance, growing citrus fruits is not going to go well for you if you live in Maine.

Once you decide what type of garden you want, you’ll need to bring in the supplies. Dump truck services are a stellar way to bring in large amounts of mulch and soil. But what if you’d rather stick with a rock garden? Rocks can get heavy fast, so dump trucks also work for that purpose.

Foundation work and home construction

When you excavate a foundation, you’re moving around a lot of materials. Those materials are not lightweight: you’re dealing with hard soil, stones, and other stubborn things. A dump truck is the best way to haul away the soil fast once the excavation work is completed.

Foundation work is tough work, but there are other home projects that aren’t quite as hard to figure out. If you’re tearing out your old bathroom and adding in a new one, then how are you going to get rid of that old tub and sink and toilet? Once again, bringing in a dump truck is more efficient than trying to use a vehicle that’s already parked in your driveway.


  1. Thanks for pointing out that hiring dump truck will help haul large amounts of things in one trip instead of having to go back and forth multiple times. My uncle will be buying a good number of large tree logs from a lumber supplier because he would like to do the fencing himself on his property. Hiring a dump truck will surely help in transporting such heavy materials and probably even have space for other things he will be buying.

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