Hair Trends: 7 Experts Tips That Will Make You Look More Sophisticated

How many times have you had a bad hair day? Was meeting the deadline at work a hair in the butter? Do you like putting your hair up all the time? Well, the hair is one of the most quintessential extensions of the body.

In today’s stressful life, working women are in continuous search for quick and easy hair look to leave an impression every time they step out of the house.

Expert tips to Get a Trendy Hairstyle

  1. Layer it up

In a busy day, the last thing you would want to get stuck up into is styling your hair. One of the most preferred hair styles, these days, is short hair look. But again, simple is boring. So, instead of shortening the length of the hair too much, opting for layers and bangs is definitely trendy.

We have hair styles like straight hair with bangs, bouncy blue & purple curls with side swept bangs and short curly hair with a front-bangs. There’s also Straight Ombro layers and Eye Grazing Bangs… the choices are many.

  1. Braid your Mane

Rapunzel, the animated character known for its long traces has never gone out of fashion. Simple long hairstyle is not that quite exciting to look or maintain.

How about the Long-braided hair look? The wavy long hair that looks like a dream is totally acceptable. Maintenance of one’s mane can be tricky.

Thanks to, you can now learn about more products that protect your barnet from premature graying, stimulates hair growth, and gives that voluminous appearance you always wanted. Get that sophisticated braided look and stand out of the crowd.

  1. Embrace Curls

The new hair trend which never goes out of fashion is “Curls”. Short or long hair, curls enhance the beauty quotient tremendously. Men love curls, women feel jealous of natural curls. So many emotions associated with one simple yet trendy look. Curly hairstyles can go with a square, oval, triangle, heart-shaped, round, and even long faces.

The maintenance of curls is a little tricky, but with industry acclaimed products you can keep your traces in good shape always. Frizz control products, curly hair mousse, using the right conditioner, frequent visits to the parlor for protein treatment, there are a lot of ways to maintain your curls.

  1. Cut your Hair Short

Short hair is a new hair trend these days. It is a time saver for all working women. It also gives a boost to the ladies who complain of thin hair. Cutting the hair short, helps speed up the hair growth process.

It also helps discard the unhealthy, split ends and weaker strands. Maintaining short hair is quite easy and comfortable as well. Hair stylists, these days, have several short hair looks to offer to their clients. The Balayage Long-Bob, Edgy Side-Dutch Braided Bob, Simple Short-Bob, the list just goes on and on.

  1. The Fascinating Mid-length.

Mid-length hair cut, another promising look for the season. It is intriguing for it can allow the person to tie it up or let their hair down at any point in time. A blunt, thick bang, paired with a shoulder cut hair style gives that flirtatious yet sophisticated look. One good thing about this hairstyle is that it is so versatile you can sport it in however way you desire.

Ladies with curly hair can also maintain shoulder length cuts with style. Just add a top knot with your curls. Shoulder length hair cut matches well with that soft, wavy, and voluminous hair look.

  1. Bangs, and How?

Bangs are the most popular style that gives an altogether new dimension to the hair. It is a very common trend in Southeast Asian countries like China, Thailand, Korea, Philippines, etc.

Hair experts, these days, have styles that are not limited to simple fringes or bangs. Some of the known styles are – curtain fringe, Soft fringes, highlighted bangs, and so on. The bangs also allow you to experiment with various styles that match your head contour and shape preferences.

  1. Jaw-length Cuts.

A short hairdo can just be accentuated by a little longer length but obviously shorter than shoulder length haircuts. Jaw-length cuts are smart, and perfect for that edgy look. It just gives the vibe of a 90’s superwomen hair style that too in a sci-fi movie or drama.

A jaw-length hair style can blend easily with curls, wavy or straight hair look. Carry this look with some shades or colour blends and yes, you got the style right.

There are several suggestions available for hair styles. But, one must never forget to pamper the hair follicles for a weak and unhealthy hair can ruin the entire look. Have a happy hair day!

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