Great Ways To Advertise Your House Painting Business

A house painting business can help you earn a good amount of money. Whether you are running this business part time, or full time, the way you advertise and promote it, will play a huge role in earning good profits.

Just like any other business in the U.S, a painting supplies business faces a lot of competition from the industry. With good promotions, communication, and customer support, you can easily gain an edge over this competition.

This guide will help you show some great ways you can advertise your painting business to gain maximum profits.

Get a website developed

One of the first steps you should take for promoting your business is to get a professional and well-designed website made for your painting supplies business. Having a website is like free marketing. When people need a paint job done, they usually search Google for businesses that offer this service. With a website, you can have them land on to your page to begin communications with them.

Use directories

In the age of social media and digital marketing, directories may seem like a distant past. But investing in a phone book and other hardbound directories will still help you find new clients that are interested in painting supplies. Online directories are also a great option to look for.

Advertise your painting supplies through Social Media

Social media is currently the best place to market your products and services. People spent hours and hours on social media and they are bound to see your ad on their feeds. Just make sure that you have an expert digital marketing agency working with you. If you’re not sure how social media marketing works, refer to this Facebook ad targetting guide.

Blog frequently

If you’ve got a website, make sure you ask your web developer to add a blogging section. Blogging can help bring in huge traffic to your website. The more traffic you get on the website, the more chances of securing new leads.

Start by writing simple blog posts that offer valuable information to your readers. Write ‘how-to’ guides, tell them tips, help them save money, or just show them how your business works. Anything that goes on a blog is quickly added to Google’s directory.

Posters and flyers

Although this form of advertising is phasing out in 2019, it is still widely used by many small businesses to spread the word of their services and products. The key is to find a neighborhood where you believe painting supplies are in high demand. For example, an area that is prone to bad weather may have homeowners who require frequent paint jobs. Get posters and flyers to their doorstep.

There are many other ways you can advertise and promote your business. But if it is a painting supplies business, the above methods will do best for you. From time to time, try and offer discounts and schemes as well to your loyal customers to prevent them from changing businesses.

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