How to Improve Your Facebook Ad Targeting

It is a great idea to advertise your business at a place where there is a lot of people, like Facebook. Search for any of your high school friends that you are no longer in contact with, and you’ll certainly find them there. The chances of someone not having an account on Facebook are very thin. But being seen on the platform is becoming increasingly difficult. So although a lot of people are on Facebook, that does not necessarily mean all of those people will see your posts.

Facebook changed its algorithm some time ago. It is designed in favor of its users. The current algorithm makes it difficult for businesses and brands to show up in users’ feeds. Instead, the users see more content from their friends and family.

But if there is a problem, there indeed lies a solution. The solution here is Facebook ads. Because you need to spend some money on this, you must know how to advertise on Facebook correctly. Here are some tips you can follow to improve the chances of your Facebook ads performing well on the platform.

Hire an Ad agency

Business is about time and money. And as people say, time is money. If you invest without knowing anything, you will waste your time and money. A Facebook advertising company will help you understand the fundamentals and will make sure that your ad reaches the users who are likely to turn into customers.

Ad agencies are comprised of people who are experts in marketing, who know how to attract the right users. As a business owner, you must consider investing in the place that can benefit you, eventually, if not suddenly.

Create an offer behind the advertisement
People always need a reason to click on an advertisement on any social media platform. Besides targeting the right audience and crafting attractive ad creatives, a motive is necessary to get more traction. For instance, the ad’s creative might attract people into clicking it, but the reason behind that advertisement would increase the chances of them availing your services or purchasing your product.

For this, you need to tell the audience as to why they should sign up for the services that you have to offer to them. The least you can ask for is likes and follows, but with a motive that they will get the update about up and coming events, deals and all.

Focus on people with similar political beliefs

As long as your business is based in the United States of America, you can target people based on their political interests and beliefs. Like any other parameter, it can be found under the demographics section as well. Facebook can only specify it if the user has voluntarily chosen to put his political view in the ‘About Me’ part of his Facebook profile.

More than fifty percent of the people either use or boycott a brand based on their political interests. This holds the value until a brand has a specific political inclination. Simply put, those with whom your political interests coincide are likely to become your customers.

Target according to their life events

So many people love to share their personal life events like birthday and marriage anniversaries on Facebook. Target those who are about to celebrate their day. They are more likely to see and open an ad to purchase some present for their loved ones.

If you have the relevant product to offer to users, you can convert them into leads. Correct strategy to work in this regard holds the key to a successful business. Make sure you don’t invest at just any place and see what can actually work in your favor.

Do it around a weekend

Although people spend a lot of time in front of their mobile and computer screens every day, it is the weekend that they spend most of it on social media. When it comes to lookalike advertisements, Facebook takes a day, or sometimes two, to find a relevant audience.

If you start a campaign around the weekend, for example, on Thursday, Facebook will get it ready for the right people over the weekend in the most professional and optimized way possible.

Posting an advertisement for people has to be done according to their time standards, and not the businesses’. This is where so many business owners go wrong and finally get nothing in their hands.


By using the best marketing strategies to market your business, you are likely to get the visitors converted into customers. Make sure you adapt to the way the users like, and this way, you will have the best of results.

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