A camera that can take pictures of the corners

There are cameras that can take a panoramic photograph to “get a wider picture”. Such cameras though have become more common than they were when they were previously introduced. But now, scientists in Germany, with the help of each other’s skills and dedication, have been able to invent a camera which will be able to take pictures or see the corners also without using a mirror.

Now this is what I call “getting a wider view of the picture”

What actually happens is that a laser shines on the wall; then a camera watches the scene. Nothing more than white ingrain wallpaper with a bright spot of light can be seen through the lens. Now, a computer records these initially unremarkable images and as the data collected initially is processed further, little by little, the outlines of an object appear on a screen.

“This is an actual reconstruction from diffusely scattered light. Our camera, combined with a mathematical procedure, enables us to virtually transform this wall into a mirror,” said Professor Matthias B Hullin from the Institute of Computer Science II at the University of Bonn in Germany.

“We are recording a kind of light echo, that is, time-resolved data, from which we can reconstruct the object. Part of the light has also come into contact with the unknown object and it thus brings valuable information with it about its shape and appearance,” said Hullin.

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