Figure Skates: All you need to Know

We all know that Figure Skates is a type of ice skate used by figure skaters all across the globe. They not only look stylish but also designed to provide complete comfort and support to the skaters. Of course, it isn’t easy, but enthusiasts love it. If we look carefully at it, we will notice that the skates consist of a durable boot and a sharp blade attached with screws to the boot.

A wide range of applications

Today, a wide range of skates is available for a wide range of applications. People often choose recreational skate to enjoy their hobby. However, most figure skaters buy the high quality and strong boots with blades.

Can improve your overall experience

Let us go into the depths of figure skates. You will be surprised to know that figure skating boots are traditionally made by hand from many leather layers. That is why they are stable, strong as well as long-lasting. Of course, they are expensive, but they can improve your overall experience on the ice. However, it must be noted that the overall shape and design of skates have been transformed in these years due to rapid advancement in technology.


Many people believe that blunt blades are highly reliable when it comes to ice skating or figure skating; however, in reality, sharp edges are required to gain power, control, and speed. Did you know? Professional skaters have their skates sharpened to the deepest possible cut. Hence we can say that sharp blades are essential to enjoy figure skating.

Things to consider while buying figure skates –

  • Always choose a properly-fitted boot. (Always measure your foot before going to buy skates.)
  • If you want to improve performance and reduce injury, then choose branded skates.
  • If you are a beginner, learn the necessary skills first.
  • Some skates come in N (Narrow), M (Medium), and W (Wide) widths; hence, know your requirements before buying your skates.
  • Always choose appropriate socks.
  • Always check and sharpen the blades for better control.

Since skates are very expensive, it makes sense to keep them in the best possible shape. Let us see how to take care of your figure skates –

  • Try to stay dry blades after skating.
  • Always get the knives sharpened.  
  • Never ignore skate guards (skate guards are protective covers made of rubber or plastic) on ice skating blades. 
  • Try to cover and store the knives inside soakers.
  • Do not leave or keep blades inside of plastic or rubber skate guards.
  • Polish boots regularly.

All these things will help you to keep your boost and blades in the best condition. In this way, they will function well.

The bottom line

Today, there are many leading online stores. Hence, pick the best and the most authentic one. Investing in excellent quality skates will give you the chance to learn, enjoy as well as accelerate your performance.  

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