Factors to consider when buying an Espresso coffee machine

In the hectic pace of life, coffee machines are considered an ideal solution for both households and commercial creation of the famous beverage. Whichever brand you choose to purchase for your coffee maker, you must ensure that it is able to fulfill your specific needs. In this post, we would like to explore why espresso is famous and the steps to be considered while purchasing a espresso coffee machine.

What is an ‘espresso’?

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Simply put, it is atraditional Italian beverage which is a strong, black coffee with creamy and golden froth. The love for this drink is so wide because there are many different varieties of this drink. There are many different varieties of espresso based coffee that are created from one or more shots of an espresso and milk – such as thecafe latte, cafe mocha and cappuccino. In the process of making a shot, different variables like the water pressure, the temperature and the fineness of the ground coffee matters a lot. These functions should behandled by a professional barista or automatic coffee machine during the coffee creation process.

Reasons of Popularity:

The 1980s was a period when the popularity of espresso began to expand in every nook and corner of the first world. The strong caffeine combined with the wonderful taste of espresso succeeded to fit as well as lift the moods of all the coffee lovers. In a short span of time, the charm of espresso has become visible in homes, offices, coffee shops and hair salons. This also provides a good base to many other beverages like the latte macchiato, flat white, macchiato, cappuccino and galo.Espresso also rates high in all terms including taste, sweetness, aroma and energy.

Discuss the essential features that you must look for in an espresso coffee maker:

A Cup Warmer as an accessory:

This is not counted among the high-tech features, but still it is useful in order to maintain the warmth of the coffee. When the coffee is created, it needs to be placed in a warm cup so that the flavour does not dissolve in contact with cold ceramics.


Steam Wand

The steam wand is useful for frothing milk and it is considered a must have accessory if you are planning to make hot chocolate, cappuccinos and lattes. It is worth to mention that simple espresso makers are incorporated with just a wand but more advanced espresso coffee makers come with a built in automatic wand.

Dispenser for Hot Water:

This a very handy feature if the user is willing to use hot water for other drinks, such as tea and instant hot chocolate. It saves the user from dragging out the kettle whenever there is this need.

Water Filters

You need to ensure that a water filter is integrated in your espresso machine.  Many espresso coffee makers come with built-in water filters. The importance of water filters is high because they are used to take the iron taste and chlorine out of the water, and also reduce the scale within the machine which can build up over time.

A Pre-Moistening Cycle

This is a method where coffee ground is moistened prior to the coffee shot being pulled. With the help of this method, you are able to take out the aromatic oils in order to get a better espresso.

Features to Control Strength

With these features users can ensure that how much water can be used for each coffeein all types of fully or semi automatic machines. In this manner, you are able to attain a fine-tuning for the combination of coffee ground and water that will help you to have an exact amount of espresso.

Buying Options:

Once you understand the features that you are requiring in an espresso coffee machine, there are other questions that you should be researching.  These questions are: where to purchase an espresso coffee maker; how to get it at affordable price, etc. Many online stores are available to accomplish these needs and you can also expect to find different discounts and deals.

On a Final Note:

People who are planning to buy an espresso coffee machine can get a lot of help from this post as most of the things have been discussed in detail. They only thing which they need to decide on their own is the type of coffee maker to complement their requirements. As per Blackbearhartford, this is not counted among the high-tech features, but still it is useful in order to maintain the warmth of the coffee.

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