These Dishes Will Make You the Star Chef This Festive Season

Winters are approaching, and the festivities have already begun. That time of the year is here when all that everyone can think about is relishing finger-licking and delicious dishes. Furthermore, people start looking for excuses to throw a party and have some fantastic time surrounded by loved ones and favorite food. So, if you are one of those and planning a get-together, here we have 5 delectable dishes that you can quickly prepare at home and become the star chef of the season.

Deep Dish Spaghetti Pizza

Pizza is love and the star of dishes in every party. From kids to adults, everyone simply loves indulging in a tasty slice of cheesy pizza. However, this festive season, give your pizza a clever twist by making it out of spaghetti. All you need to do is to take out your pasta making machine, prepare fresh spaghetti and you are all set to treat your guests to mouth-watering deep-dish spaghetti pizza. In a bowl, add 1 cup mozzarella cheese, 2 eggs, and cooked pasta. Bake for 15 minutes, layer cheese and anything else that you want on the top and your dish is ready to serve.

Spaghetti Fritters

Another amazing side dish to serve your guests, Spaghetti fritters are easy to cook and can be made using leftover spaghetti. This different way of presenting spaghetti will make people praise your cooking skills till eternity, that’s for sure. Grated parmesan cheese and leftover (fried) spaghetti is all you need to make these mouth-watering fritters. Serve the fritters with tamarind sauce for added taste.

Cheese & Jalapeno Stuffed Kachori

No party is complete without treating your guests with some Indian dishes. However, this time try this amazing Indian dish with a twist – Cheese & Jalapeno Stuffed Kachori. Everything remains the same just the filling changes. This unusual kachori (served with tamarind chutney) will surely surprise your guests, and they’ll not be able to thank you enough for introducing them to this new side dish.

Ribbon Pakoda

Another off-beat starter to serve your guests is Ribbon Pakoda. Your pasta making machine will come handy in preparing this starter. Skip flour and use besan (add ajwain, Hing, sesame seeds, salt and red chili powder) to prepare the dough for a healthy treat. Prepare different shapes using the various shaping dies and fry them fresh. Fry until golden and serve with mayonnaise, tomato sauce or tamarind chutney for added taste.

Custard Apple Kheer

No party is complete unless the guests indulge in a bowl full of authentic Indian sweet dish. This deliciously smooth and creamy Custard Apple Kheer will be the king of the menu and one of the most comforting desserts that you would have served your guests so far. Make sure the kheer is garnished well and served chilled for added taste and flavor.

To Sum It Up!

This festive season, give your guests a reason to visit you more by serving these mouth-watering dishes prepared at home. You can give any dish a twist of your own by adding a few ingredients for a personal touch. However, make sure they are all served fresh with the flavor and freshness intact.

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