Comparison between Ebay India Vs Flipkart Vs Amazon India, and are the three online biggies currently fighting it out to gain the maximum number of online shoppers in India. The three websites have acquired muscles and artillery for the battle in a form of investments, which they are currently making and will be making in the future. An outright comparison without mentioning how these websites started and what they went through before reaching where they are would be unfair. Let’s have a look at how these websites came into existence and where they stand today. was founded by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal in 2007 as an online retail portal selling books. The company soon expanded into all verticals of online retailing and strengthened itself by acquiring the online electronics retailer in 2012. The company has gained a secure footing in India over the years and recently became the first online retailer in India to cross the GMV figure of $1 billion in March 2014, beating its own expectation of crossing that mark in 2015. It is also the most visited online retailer in India and the brand has the highest recall value among online shoppers. is an online marketplace that lets buyers meet sellers; the company was founded in 1995 in America and distinguishes itself as being ‘internet consumer to consumer corporation.’ The company operates localized portals in 30 countries of the world. started operations in 2005 and has continuously built a regular set of buyers and sellers on the website. Since the company operates as a marketplace it allows sellers to list their products either at a fixed price or have an auction for their products. The company offers buyers ‘eBay guarantee’ so they can be secured that they get only genuine products.

Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer. The company was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos. The company operates different portals for different countries and ‘’ is one of them. Apart from being a retailer, Amazon is also a technology company and created ‘Kindle’ which is an eBook reader for customers who download digital books from the website. Amazon was a late entrant in India and has to make it mark among Indian audience.


The basic difference between all the three online retailers is that they work on different models. started as a direct retailer, selling goods directly to consumers and has recently included the marketplace model as well, where sellers can list their products. has always worked as a marketplace, enabling sellers to meet buyers and the company does not directly retail products. Amazon has always followed both the models, where it sells products directly and also lets other sellers sell their goods on its portal. While and have fixed price on their products, allows buyers and sellers to engage in auctions. On customers don’t have to pay any shipping charge if they are buying products above rs.500, has different shipping charges according to the sellers and Amazon offers some products with free shipping while others are charged for shipping. and also have different shipping and delivery options for which rates may vary. Other than that all the 3 websites are multi-product and multi-category online retailers and don’t have much difference.

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