BreakFree from your smartphone

Perhaps what make smartphones addictive so much to people are the apps. Since these apps are designed and programmed in such a way that they make day to day work seem simple and yet entertaining, they become so addictive. You have apps such as whatsapp, hike and many others to make instant messaging simpler and at the same time allow you to download/upload images or videos at the same time and so there are many apps which make smartphones addictive

But ironically, perhaps you may have never heard of an app which defines how much addicted you have become to your smartphones. It is ironic isn’t it? But there really is an app, or perhaps it would be better to say, there are many such apps in the app store.

One of them happens to be called as BreakFree which in a sense helps you to break free from this addiction. It keeps stats of your smartphone usage daily and gives you the report at the end to judge how much addicted you are to your mobile. It keeps track of how many times you unlock your mobile, how many times you call by the phone, your app usage and many other details as well.

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