Blame it on your smartphone

Ok, if you want to blame someone why you seem to fail at doing simple tasks such as remembering a date or losing your social skills or why life seems more complex? blame it on your smartphone.

Don’t get me wrong, I like mobiles as well which is why most of my posts are about mobile phones and their gadgetry. But then I know exactly how these things can make you lazy and keep your eyes fixed only to its screen

I believe there is an inverse relationship between a man and his mobile: the smarter your phone gets, the dumber you become. Want a proof? How about something like: According to a recent study conducted by Larry Rosen, a professor of psychology in California State University, people can suffer from anxiety if they are away from their smartphones for even 10 minutes.

You might claim it isn’t the same for you. Well then tell me, when was the last time you had to get an internet (3G packs most of the time) pack recharged in your mobile and how frequently do you have to do so. Thanks to smartphones, people are now more addicted to watch online videos in YouTube (and other sites as well, if you get the drift), are constantly online in Facebook and keep playing that Candy Crush game or Subway Surfers for most of the time.

In another survey released last week by the Bank of America, nearly half of the Americans say they could not go a day without their smartphone.

Having said all of the above, I wouldn’t judge people though. I’m addicted myself.

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