Best Bitcoin Payment Gateways

Latest trends indicate that many of the cryptocurrencies are experiencing a dip in its market value. Satoshi Nakamoto, an enigmatic developer, pioneered Bitcoin in 2009. Since then, its market rate has had swinging variations, and it has resulted in the shifting of many of the Bitcoin users to other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Litecoin. Even after all the dips and rises, Bitcoin has held its position firmly and remains as the most popular cryptocurrency. It has indeed kept the face of cryptocurrency unmarred and has always remained as the best investment option. Bitcoin is being used all over the world for trade, and having a few Bitcoins in the account will benefit all the enterprises in managing their business efficiently. 

When the merchants and various organizations start accepting Bitcoin payments, the client and customer base start mushrooming. The transaction cost that Bitcoin charges is much lower than the other payment methods such as credit cards; it is also a much more secure payment platform than the others. 

Bitcoin Payment Gateway

These payment gateways facilitate the trade of cryptocurrencies. Apart from Bitcoin, these processors also support the buying and selling of Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and Bitcoin Cash. But since most of the organizations make transactions in Bitcoin, such gateways function best when purchases are made in Bitcoin. Given the volatility of digital money, rapid rise and fall in rates are highly probable. The payment gateways are also beneficial in converting cryptocurrency to fiat money in case of a drastic drop in prices. When Bitcoin experiences such a decline, the amount that these merchants hold can be converted quickly into any Altcoins or fiat currency. The crypto trading bot review can also give you a bigger picture by suggesting the best payment gateways to be used for each bot. Here are some of the best cryptocurrency payment gateways that you can use for your transactions.

Top 4 Bitcoin Payment Gateways

1. Coinbase

Coinbase is the most popular Bitcoin exchange in the US and therefore the largest one too. As this platform has got countless users logging into it every day, it has got the potential to develop new lucrative concepts and provide the users with an enhanced experience. Since the company conforms to the laws of the US, it has been unanimously voted as the most reliable and trustworthy exchange. Apart from an exchange, Coinbase plays the role of an excellent payment gateway, with facilities to convert digital money into fiat currency without delay. The gateway services charge a fee of 1% after the first set of transactions worth $1 million are made through it. The major drawback of Coinbase is its geographical limitation of not being able to operate in many countries. The company has been working on the expansion of its network, as the cryptocurrencies are attaining more popularity. 

2. Coingate

Coingate has developed a user-friendly mobile application through which transactions of more than 40 cryptocurrencies (including Bitcoin) can be made quickly. Bitcoin payment buttons can be created on any website through Coingate, and it also offers a wide range of plugins, both of which are considered as the most attractive features of this gateway. 

3. AlfaCoins

One of the trademark features of AlfaCoins is that it facilitates the splitting of a specific payment into fiat and cryptocurrency. This quality enables the traders to convert some of the Bitcoins received in every transaction into fiat currency (USD or Euro) so that not everything stored in their digital wallets is lost when the market value of Bitcoin falls. AlfaCoins levy no subscription or installation fees, but it does charge about 0.99% on every transaction. Except for in Iran and North Korea, AlfaCoins is available in all the countries. 


4. Shopify

Hundreds of traders and organizations have been using Shopify for making business transactions in Bitcoin. The most attractive features of this gateway are its excellent customer support, APIs to link with Coinbase and many other payment gateways. Signing up into a Shopify account is compulsory to avail of its services, and the transaction will be charged depending on the payment processor that is chosen. 


Slowly but surely, the market conditions are changing, and it is expected to bring more users into cryptocurrency platforms. The traders and business enterprises will, without a doubt, benefit a lot from these gateways, so a complete shift into them is expected to happen within a few years. Before jumping into the decision of picking any particular gateway, go through the reviews and check for the best one in the market. 

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