Best Apps To Help You Instantly Master Any Yoga Pose

I always wanted to do yoga, but unfortunately, never had the time to go to the studio. So started researching apps as an alternative. I know they can’t compete with actual lessons, but I was surprised when I tested a couple of them out. Naturally, first I had to find good enough apps as there are a lot of them. But a few days of testing them out I finally picked my top 3 and decided to review them for you so you don’t have to go through all the search yourself.

I’d like to mention how no matter your experience level, these yoga apps will walk you through every step of the way. With some, you can even choose your teacher and lesson length, and quickly find a yoga session that works for you. I like that because it brings the actual experience a bit closer. So here are my top 3 picks.

Daily Yoga for video lessons from Yoga experts

Daily Yoga is a great choice for anyone who wants to learn basic yoga poses. Whether you are a beginner or advanced student, I think you can find a video lesson that is perfect for your experience level. You can watch professional videos of expert yoga instructors and easily incorporate yoga into your everyday routine. The app also comes with a customized lesson plan from an online meditation guide and you can exchange tips and tricks with other members of the Daily Yoga community. Relax, listen to music and lighten up your day with the best yoga poses at your fingertips.

Asana Rebel for bite-sized Yoga sessions

Asana Rebel has the best yoga lessons to help you achieve your goals if you don’t have a lot of free time. Whether you want to lose weight, increase strength or improve your flexibility, you will probably find what you need. So basically, all you need to do is grab your yoga mat and get started. There are lessons for core power yoga, gaining strength and usual poses to make your body more flexible. Detailed tutorial videos with step-by-step guides are great for ensuring you do every pose and movement accurately. As I said, video lessons are bite-sized, so you can easily fit in a quick yoga session into your busy lifestyle and provide at least some time taking care of your health.

Down Dog for finding Yoga that fits your lifestyle

Down Dog has earned its place as one of the best yoga apps but like every app, it’s for some people, while not for others. Nevertheless, besides offering a vast selection of yoga lessons, Down Dog lets you customize your session on almost every level and that’s its strongest feature. You just need to set your difficulty level, flow, session length, and the app does everything else. Also, if you’re a complete beginner, it doesn’t overwhelm you but ensures your time is used effectively as the videos are highly informative making it easy to follow the movements. The app also comes with relaxing music if you’re into that. Finally, I love how you can take it with you in nature as you can take yoga lessons and sessions even when you are offline.

If you happen not to like any of the above apps, here’s a top 10 list I used to find my 3 favorites. I like the list as it comes with helpful info making your app download much easier. Here’s if you want to check it out.

Best 10 Yoga Apps by AppGrooves

With so much happening in our day-to-day lives, it is important to take a moment for yourself and relax. Regardless of your lifestyle, find inner peace and re-energize yourself with the best yoga apps at your fingertips. Let yoga guide you into total serenity for the perfect start or end to your day. Whether you want to relax or give yourself a good workout, find the routines you need with just a few taps. Practice yoga anytime, anywhere, let go of that stress and find your inner zen. Good luck!

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