How To Get Rid of Molds In HVAC? A brief guide

HVAC systems all come with one common problem, and that is the problem of mold. Mold growth and the resultant mess is a big turn off for HVAC users, and people do really complain a lot about it. The problem starts with very simple general factors and can get so worse with the time that immediate professional help is demanded to help with it.

What is the mold?

Mold is one form of fungus which develops in warm and humid regions. These are formed from spores. When there are minute spores of mold in the air, and they travel to one such favorable spot, then they flourish to form the fungus, and then the mold spreads along the whole system thereby infesting the central air conditioning system.

Why HVAC get mold infested?

Central air conditioner and their ducted system are especially prone to mold infestations. That’s because they have that favorable condition inside. The ducts of the HVAC systems get humid due to the passage of cold air. As cold air pass through, some condensation happens inside the ducts. And the condensed droplets would not evaporate away if the air is already humid and saturated due to a warm, humid climate. That is why HVAC in warm and humid places are particularly prone to mold infestations.

Spores of the mold accumulate through various routes. It may be pollen borne, airborne or borne by dirt and dust, etc. In some way or the other the minute, not visible to the human eyes mold spores land up into that favorable space and starts germinating. And then clusters of molds develop, flourish, spread, and gradually the whole system gets infested.

Where does the mold infestation happen mainly?

The mold infestation in central air conditioning systems is mainly seen inside the ducts mostly. And after ducts, they are found in the vents of the HVAC room units. Sometimes molds may appear at the opening to ducts or over the AC unit too.

Can you see molds?

It’s not essential that you will be able to see them. They are more detectable by smell than sight. Ducts are covered, and eyes do not reach inside. Infestations stay inside and naturally, are not visible. Therefore, you must rely on your nose to detect an infestation. If you smell a musky air whenever you turn on the AC or some rooms of the house smell musky, then it can be the mold in the HVAC ducts which made this happen.

Why get rid of HVAC molds?

The first thing that comes to mind is why it’s essential to get rid of the molds in HVAC. Well, the answer to this is, simply and mainly for health. Molds bring in lots of health and hygiene issues which must be avoided for the entire family at any cost. The next question that comes to mind is how to get rid of mold in air ducts. The answer to this is straight and simple; professional help is the best solution.


The professionals can exercise such hygiene and protection while cleaning molds which will clean them and not let them come back so easily again, thereby giving you healthy air to breathe and live in through the house.

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