Sustainable Workplace: Ways to Encourage Your Staff to Go Green

Corporations large and small are taking notice of their impact on the environment. Some, realize that consumers are becoming more environmentally aware, and are using their purchasing power to encourage businesses to do their part to save the environment. Other companies realize that their carbon footprint is just as bad for business as it is for their communities. As the more waste there is, the more costly it is for a company to operate. So, in an effort to do more, business owners have come up with ways to not only make their offices green but to encourage their staff to participate as well.

Water Coolers in the Breakroom

Water is not only essential for your staff but besides coffee and soft drinks, it’s one of the most common beverages consumed in the workplace. You can have an office water dispenser placed in the breakroom to reduce waste. Now your staff is encouraged to get free, fresh spring water from a dispenser as opposed to buying individual bottles.

No Paper Products

Is your break room equipped for your employees to make their own meals and beverages like tea and coffee? Well, to encourage green practices in the workplace you shouldn’t purchase any paper products. You can buy affordable dishes, silverware, and cookware from a nearby store or ask employees to bring in old dishes they don’t need from home.

Double-Sided Printing

When going green in the office, going completely paperless may not work for you and your staff. For those documents that you simply need a hard copy of, make sure that staff is printing on both sides of the paper. You can set the double-sided print feature on your copying machine and monitor printing jobs by giving out codes to your staff.

Remote Working

Here’s a green idea that your staff probably won’t have any issues with practicing – allowing them to work remotely. While you might need your team in the office, you can alternate when employees are allowed to work from home. With cloud-based software out there for collaboration, you’ll be able to manage and keep in touch with your team remotely without issue. This cuts down on the use of power and other resources in the office.


There’s nothing like a little incentive to really get your team interested in green practices in the office. You can start something fun like taking the department out for lunch that remembered to recycle. This is a friendly way to get your staff active while giving them a little token of your appreciation.

Going green in this day and age is a must. Not only in your homes but in the workplace. If you happen to own a business and would like to encourage your staff to practice green tips, there are several ways to get started. Using the above ideas will motivate your employees to recycle and conserve as often as they can. This, in turn, will result in a safer and healthier environment, money savings, and the added potential new business.

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