Best 5 Weather Apps For Android And iOS

Have you ever imagined, What is the most searched term on Google? The Answer is ‘Weather’. Here we come up with a list of best five weather apps for both Android and iOS devices. So that you don’t need to search ‘weather’ again and again on Google.

We all are aware of the fact that the weather is the most important thing even more than the trending news. As all of us has to go outside in the morning on a regular basis for office work, jobs, school, colleges then it becomes crucial for everyone to know the weather outside so that they can prepare their schedule as per the situation.

Here are the best five weather apps that we’ve discovered for the Android and iOS platform.

1. The Weather Channel

theweatherchannel maintheweatherchannel user interface 2theweatherchannel user interface 3

The Weather Channel app has to on top of our list as the app offers a variety of information in a detailed manner regarding Weather conditions. This particular app has gone through several updates, what we really like about the app is its UI (user-interface) simplicity.

The app provides daily, hourly, and a 15-day forecast, along with that you can also look into the aspects of wind speed, humidity, and UV index. The Best part of the app is that it is also active in offering weather-related news. Though there are ads inside the app, but the app is completely free.

Available for free on Google Play StoreiTunes

2. AccuWeather 

accuweather user interface accuweather user interface 2accuweather user interface 3

As the name suggests, Accuweather is also accurate about the stats and data regarding weather conditions. Having said that, the app has a huge base of fan following on Android platform and at the same time the app is good enough to provide weather information for iOS devices. This particular app has to be most rich-feature oriented among all the apps in this list. It has a very simplistic user interface and many useful widgets. Although, first party app has got some complex stuff like big pictures, charts, and ads, but they can be removed by upgrading to AccuWeather Platinum.

In addition to this, AccuWeather offers elaborative charts for both hourly and daily temperatures. Apart from that, the app has great thirty party apps support like for android wear, making forecast and conditions more convenient on your wrist.

Available for free & $2.99 on Google Play Store, iTunes

3. Yahoo Weather 

yahoo weather user interfaceyahoo weather user interface 2yahoo weather user interface 3

Yahoo has done an extensively amazing job in building the ‘Yahoo Weather’ app. This particular app is hugely appreciated by editors, critics, tech bloggers across the globe for its beautiful, simplistic, informative structure. Yahoo Weather app provides numerous data about weather conditions like accurate temperature, hourly forecasts, precipitation, and wind pressure with ingenious illustrations and animations.

The app has got the advantage of Flickr-pulled pics for the background images. And when you scroll up to view the details and information, the background blurs effortlessly. But the sad part about this app is that the Yahoo Weather doesn’t allow you to get rid of ads, but there are very few. And the good part is that the app works immensely and equally nice on both Android and iOS platforms.

Available for free on Google Play Store, iTunes

4. Weather Underground

weather underground user interfaceweather underground user interface 2weather underground 3

‘The Weather Channel owns weather Underground’. Before pitching anything about the app, we would like you to look into the history of Weather Underground. The app grew out of the University of Michigan’s weather database, then growing into a vocational weather data provider for sources like The Associated Press and others. And after becoming the no.2 weather site on the internet, they were finally bought by The Weather Channel.

The app is very accurate about supplying the weather forecast information as the data is generated and uploaded by almost 200,000 personal weather stations. The detail cards of the app are fully customizable – suppose, you live in an area where flood or hurricane hardly occurs, you can remove that particular card from your list. Additionally, the app has got cool features like a real-time report from the station nearby your location and user-submitted pictures of weather circumstances in your locality and around the globe.

Available for free on Google Play Store, iTunes

5. Dark Sky

dark sky user interfacedark sky user interface 2dark sky user interface 3

Dark Sky has already been a star weather app for iOS device and now it’s also available for Android devices. Dark Sky is freaking amazing at predicting the accurate weather changes time-to-time. In addition to this, the app provides all the relevant data related to weather condition such as current temperature, 24-hour outlook, 7-days forecast, precipitation, wind speed, humidity, and UV index. In case, there is any possibility of rain, storm, or snow then Dary Sky will let you know how soon it will arrive.

The app is free to download, but if you want to access all up-to-the-minute options, then it will require a $3 per year subscription charge.

Available for free & $2.99 on Google Play Store, iTunes

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