Significance of Growth And Nourishment of Children

As a parent or guardian, most of you will relate to the fact that ‘how significant is a proper growth and nourishment of child for his/her overall well-being.’ Well, the article is specially focused on our Indian viewers. Being an Indian, I can relate to the situation as a majority of Indian parents are unaware of the perfect composition of micro and macro nutrients that should be given to the children with the age group of 3-9 years.

But the shocking part is that majority of the elders can’t even differentiate between protein, carbohydrate, and calories. That’s the sad part actually.

But I am going to put a worse scenario here; elder folks still believe that home cooked Indian style White Rice, Chappati, Lentils (Dal), Chappati (Roti), Cooked Vegetables are enough for a proper development of the body. Actually, In Indian lifestyle, foods are not cooked, but they are overcooked until the whole vitamins and nutrients of the food are exhausted.

Having said that, it is the duty of the parent or guardian to feed his or her child with adequate and essential nutrients. Here question arises ‘What is the importance of Growth and Development of Children’. See, whenever we talk about the growth & development then it is directly related to the height, body mass index, and bone density of a child.

Here are few points which are defining the importance of growth of children:

  • Growth denotes the masculinity, bravery, and confidence in the society.
  • A Fully grown child has a higher self-believe as compared to the child with lesser growth.
  • A Lesser grown child may develop an inferiority complex.
  • People with a fully developed body can easily adapt themselves to the dynamic society.
  • Underdeveloped Children are psychologically weak as the society has a tendency of classifying grown up people as a strong and lesser grown as a weak character.

We’ve discussed the importance of growth, now let’s talk about ‘How to attain the target of proper growth and nourishment.’

1. Physical Activity 

Instead of exercise, We’ve added the term ‘Physical Activity’ because you can’t expect your seven years old child to run those miles, do push-ups, crunches, and squats. Having said that, we are living in the era of internet, tv, computers, video-games which eradicate the chances of a child to go outside and play outdoor games which eventually contributes to a lower number of physical activity. So the lesser physical movement is the main culprit as the body will not release the adequate growth hormones and ultimately leads to underdeveloped height, bone density, etc. So it is necessary for all the parents to motivate and induce their children for more physical activity, movement, and outdoor games.

2. Correct Selection of Malt Drinks

Here comes the interesting part, we all have been drinking malt drinks throughout our early childhood days. There are tons of brands which are claiming their malt drinks to be the complete nutrient oriented product for an ideal growth and nourishment of children. But I have observed that many parents can’t be able to decide the right one between taste and health. Eventually, they end up having a tastier one available in the market. That’s where many people are going wrong, as three key nutrients which are responsible for the growth of a human body includes calcium, protein, and vitamin D. Therefore, the majority of malt drink brands doesn’t consist adequate amount of any of those three nutrients.

If you ask me, I would suggest you to go for Horlicks Growth Plus as the product has got enough of everything. Firstly you have to understand; the product is aiming for reactivating the lost growth of the children. That’s why Horlicks Growth Plus consists 25.9 g of Protein, 370 mg of calcium, Vitamins (D, A, C), essential amino acids, healthy fats, and fiber. Even now, you must be thinking how this product will help for the growth of my child. So, here you have to understand the science a bit, calcium is what are bones are made of, protein is the primary nutrient for the nourishment and growth of muscles, amino acids are essential for proper absorption of protein as without them protein can’t be complete, Vitamin D works as a hormone and is responsible for the absorption of calcium to our body. Hence, this product has got all these elements in an adequate quantity as compared to other brands in the market.

3. Diet (60% Boiled, 40%  Cooked)

Lastly, Diet is the crucial and most important aspect when it comes to the growth of a child. If you look at the sub-heading, you’ll notice that I’ve mentioned the composition of boiled and cooked food. That’s what you need to implement in the diet plan of your child. See, as a citizen of a country like India, which is so rich in spices, vegetables, and fruits, we can never run out of the nutrients. But we are required to restrict ourselves to the certain limits, look, once the vegetable is cooked with oil and spices then half of its nutrients get exhausted. So it is a compulsory task for all the parents to encourage their child for eating boiled food and developing the habit of eating boiled, raw, steamed food from their early age.

Just implement these three points to your child’s lifestyle, sit back and relax, things will change automatically.

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