Are Security Breach Incidents Preventable In Business?

Security breach incidents can become scary as it can result in a huge loss of information and money at the same time. A breach in your business data can come from the loss, theft or the leak of information, resulting with financial loss and identity theft. But these days incidents of security breaches are preventable. According to the data breach investigations report of 2013, it is recommended that all small and big organizations should take the threat seriously and take precautions to prevent such incidents. By determining which type of data needs the strongest security measures, there are many preventive measures, which can be applied. To prevent such incidents its necessary to introduce a culture of information security in the workplace.  This can be done through any one of the following means

  1. by appointing representatives from IT sectors for information security
  2. by creating data security strategies and mapping the information cycle to prevent any identified risks
  3. having regular updates of all the new privacy laws
  4. creating a clear document management policy with an incident response plan
  5. Training the employees on a regular basis for the security of the information and other administration.

The most important of all is to create document retention and destruction schedules and by hiring a shredding service to destroy unwanted documents. Documents often contain information which can be useful to others, especially when it is breached, thus destroying them when you don’t require or when your use is over is of crucial importance. Ensuring that you have a reliable partner for destroying your unwanted documents is equally as important. Thus it becomes important to hire a reputable shredding service to destroy the documents safely.  Ensure that you are fully aware of the laws surrounding document retention as the time that documents must be held onto varies depending on the nature of the paperwork. Partnering with a good shredder can help you meet your legal obligations for retaining certain information. Just by following the advice in the year 2014 you can be rest assured that you are limiting your risk of security breaches.

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