An App to save your battery

If you’re a smartphone owner then am sure the only thing you must be getting tired of is searching a socket everywhere you go for you to charge up your battery. Most of us have been in that shoe and many of us try different ways to ensure that our battery lasts the whole time we are outside and doesn’t die on us in the journey itself.

While most of us think of carrying a portable charger with us all the time, the rest of us decide to put the brightness on ultra low so that it lasts the whole time we’re out having fun or doing our job. Perhaps the way of the portable charger is a fine one too, had not it been the fact that you also have to charge your portable charger everyday for it to work.

But what if there were an app that could enhance the battery life of your mobile? Well, you might have heard about apps that tell you how much dependant you are to your smartphone, now there is an app that shows you exactly how many hours your smartphone will last if you keep using it in the manner you’re using.

Y Charlie Hu, a professor in the Purdue University school of electrical and computer engineering, has created the app named Estar that shows how quickly other apps will drain a smartphone battery, and offers energy efficient alternatives.

“We created the free Estar app specifically to empower smartphone users to extend their smartphone battery life by exposing energy footprints of all the popular apps in the app market,” Hu was quoted as saying by The Journal & Courier.

You can download this app directly from Google Play Store.

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