Air Algerie Crashes: Confirmed

It’s really tragic to see one after the other aircrafts dropping from the sky as we hear more and more incidents of air crashes this week. A total of 4 major air crashes have already been reported and one cannot help it but question the safety of flying in an aircraft more than 30,000 feet above the ground.

If recent reports are to be believed then Air Algerie plane with 110 passengers and six crew reportedly crashes after losing contact with air traffic control over Mali after taking off from Burkina Faso to Algeria

However what is interesting is that the aircraft that had crashed actually belongs to another airline of Spanish descent named SwiftAir. But if you are wondering why an aircraft owned by another company is being flown by Air Algerie then here’s your answer.

The aircraft was “wet leased” by Air Algerie from Swiftair [a Spanish airline company], which supplied both aircraft and crew. The practice of wet leasing is common in the industry. British Airways wet-leased a number of aircraft during the 2010 cabin crew dispute to maintain services.

Here are the facts of the incident:

  • Air Algerie flight from Ouagadougou to Algiers has disappeared
  • Air traffic lost track of plane over Mali 50 minutes after takeoff
  •  Flight AH5017 had 116 on board at time, including up to 80 French
  • All six crew members were Spanish employees of plane owner Swiftair

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