Different Student Accommodation You Can Find in Melbourne

Housing for students is not only about having a comfortable and secure space to live but a place where you can connect with fellow students, study, learn and grow intellectually. 

According to the Victorian Government, over 200,000 international students make their way to Victoria to study. So naturally, reasonable accommodation is one of the prime concerns for students.

Are you planning to join a University in Melbourne? Student accommodation properties like the ones you can find at iglu.com.au provide a holistic University experience.

Here are the different types of accommodations for students studying in Melbourne.

Private Bedroom in a Shared Apartment

A private bedroom kind of accommodation in a shared apartment is ideal if you prefer to live in a student community. It is a more budget-friendly option compared to others. 

You could share a five or six-person apartment with a private bedroom for yourself. You will share the kitchen, lounge, and dining areas with the other occupants. Depending on the property, you can choose from a premium or a standard bedroom with study space and a private bathroom.

Studio Rooms

You can have the option of staying in a single or standard studio room. For example, if you prefer having your friends around but would like your personal space for study, studio rooms would be a great option. 

These studio rooms come packed with amenities, such as a spacious bedroom with storage, study space, private bathroom, and kitchenette with an eating area.

One Bedroom Apartments

If you want to enjoy the comfort and convenience offered by student accommodations, you can stay in a simple one-bedroom apartment. Excellent view, air-conditioning, heating facility during winters, secure swipe card entry, and high-speed internet are some of the features you could look forward to.

Property Features to Look For:

When looking for student accommodations, some of the features in an accommodation you should consider are location, security, space to study, social rooms, and other convenient amenities.

  • Search for a property that is nearby your University: You do not want to spend all your time travelling to and fro from the University. So, a property located within walking or cycling distance would be ideal because you will not be wasting too much of your time commuting.
  • Enquire about the security measures they have available on the property: For example, does the accommodation have CCTV cameras? How do people access their rooms? And if 24/7 on-site support is available or not. These questions are important because for students living away from family security is a must.
  • For a complete University experience, your living space needs to be primed for study and fun: Ensure the property you choose has different study areas, so the learning never gets boring. In addition, social spaces like the lounge area, game rooms, gym, and exercise area allow you to interact with other students and unwind after a long day.

Melbourne is quickly becoming a student hub, owing to the Universities, its arts and cultural aspect, and accessible public transport. According to your requirement, you can find different student accommodations sharing or personal.  


  1. Your blog beautifully encapsulates the essence of finding the right student accommodation in Melbourne, a city bustling with academic opportunities and cultural vibrancy. As a prospective student, I appreciate the detailed breakdown of accommodation options available, from private bedrooms in shared apartments to studio rooms and one-bedroom apartments, each catering to diverse preferences and needs.

    I found the emphasis on essential features such as location convenience, security measures, and conducive study environments particularly insightful. It’s reassuring to know that properties like those at iglu.com.au offer not just a place to live but a holistic university experience, blending study spaces with social areas for a balanced student life.

    Thank you for shedding light on this crucial aspect of student life in Melbourne!

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