Acethinker iPhone Screen Recorder Review

There are all sorts of great reasons why being able to record the screen from your iPhone or iPad to your Mac is handy, from reviews to bragging about your latest high score. There are several options available out there to record your iphone screen, but some programs are just too complicated. AceThinker have developed the iPhone Screen Recorder for Windows and Mac, but at $29.95, is it worth the price?

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You can run the iPhone Screen Recorder on your Mac via AirPlay and have it mirror all that is going on with your device’s screen. From simple screenshots to video capture, this program does it, and it’s easy to use.

Once you install and run the app, use your iOS device to activate AirPlay, and then select “ApowerSoft [Your Computer’s Name].”

Once that is done, all the screen activity on your device will be displayed on your Mac, after which you can control what’s going on via the buttons on the top of the Screen Recorder app. These options are easy to understand, and includes “Start Recording,” “Take a Screenshot,” “Open folder,” and “Disconnect.”

Whether you want to take a screenshot or record some action, getting started is as simple as pushing the record button. From that point forward, until you hit stop, everything will be recorded. Whatever you record, the finished files will be saved directly on the hard drive of your Mac.

Accept Mac version, Acethinker iPhone Screen Recorder also has Windows version. For Windows users, the screen recorder iphone might be more useful as there is no free QuickTime to use. Acethinker iPhone Screen Recorder supports nine video output formats. You can share videos easily with friends and families after they are recorded.

To learn how to use Acethinker iPhone Screen Recorder, you can check its official Youtube video here:


The iPhone Screen Recorder from AceThinker works great and is easy to use. Screenshots are excellent, and while you lose a little quality with the video, it’s still easy to tell exactly what is going on. This program is a winner and comes at a price that just about anyone can afford.

One good news is that now readers can get Acethinker iPhone Screen Recorder at only $19.95 (Original $39.95, now at its official website $29.95), thanks to Acethinker Software. To purchase the Screen Recorder of iPhone, please check the below links,

Windows Version:

Mac Version:

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