A Novice Guide Of Buying The First Log Home Cabin Kit

The moment you decide to buy your first log cabin, you can’t stop yourself from gathering all the information you possibly can about your dream home. You would be excited to know what factors you should take into consideration before jumping into a purchase. The first thing to think of is for what purpose you are going to use your dream home for how much time.

Few other aspects to consider before buying a log home are :


Most of the cost of a log home consists of labor charges. If you have decided of the size, then the cost to raise the core structure would not be much varying, but what will make a difference in price is how fancy and luxurious you would like it to be. The selection of quality of logs and location makes a significant variance too.

Choice Of Logs

Careful selection of logs is a requisite as distinctive woods react inconsistently to changing weather and temperature. A variety of options of logs to choose from are available for affordable log homes. The logs of trees from a relatively higher altitude are the most appropriate ones for building log homes. Usually, log cabins are built from woods of cypress, white cedar, spruce and pine. One of the good options is Douglas as it is considered to be the engineer’s favorites.

Choice Of Location

Whatever your purpose of buying a log house might be, you cannot ignore a few of the practicalities while selecting the location. The location has to be in close proximity to a town and with a good means of transportation which is approachable from your log house. The area is another prime factor to decide how long a log cabin would last.


It is no way advised to buy a log home without getting necessary permits. It merely is just to clarify that you are willing to accept if any risks accompany staying in that house. Usually, you will require a license to keep a log home on your land if it is used as a permanent residence.


The log homes are built with wood and wood is considered to be prone to certain risks, so that sets log homes apart from an insurance perspective. Log homes will have a little higher limit of insurance coverage as compared to a conventional home of the same size.


The maintenance part is not only limited to the caring of wood but also other little efforts that are required for the maintenance of a regular cement house like water and sanitation and regular checking for plumbing leakages. We cannot deny that we pay attention to pest control, paint and slight wear and tear of our cement houses.  It will be an advantage if your log home provider offers maintenance services at a reasonable cost.

All of today’s log homes are inspired by the pioneers but have their contemporary standards and buying a log cabin with a prepared mind can give immense satisfaction in owning it.

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