4 ways How Taking Medicines Without Doctor’s Prescription Can Affect Your Health

Health is one of the most important aspect for any human and it should be the foremost priority for any person. A fit and healthy body is capable of doing anything and can stay active for a long duration of time. Building a strong immune system also helps our body in fighting the virus and germs that can make us sick. It has been often said that a healthy mind stays in a healthy body and the combination of a healthy mind with a healthy fit takes the person to the heights of success and excellence.

But there often comes a certain time when we fall sick either due to the changing weather or due to some bad eating habits that trouble our body. Curing our body of diseases should be our priority and we should take care of many things in order to do this. Taking medication is also one part of it. Whenever we feel sick or feeling low, then we can take the help of medicines. These medicines contain certain drugs which fight with the infection and help our body in recovering quickly.

However, in this fast-evolving world, where we get occupied in our schedule so much that we find ourselves in the chaotic situation more often than not, then we forget to take the prescription by the doctor and take medicines either by taking advice from a close friend or based upon self-knowledge. We don’t spare enough time from our busy schedule to discuss Health related questions answers with the doctor or medical experts. And this is the biggest harm we do to our body by taking medicines that have not been prescribed by our doctor.

Here we are going to discuss the health-related effects on our body when we take medicines without consulting a doctor.

1) Not knowing the dangers of a Medicine

This is the biggest fear you have when you take some medicines without consulting your doctor. Majority of the medicines taken by mistake causes high-level infection in the body, out of which most were not life-threatening but had the potential to be. When you take medicine without knowing its pros and cons then the chances of being hospitalized increases by more than 40%. When you take medicine without knowing its side effects or the harm it can cause to our body, it affects our whole system in the worst way.

2) Taking Medication – With Food or Without it

Whenever a doctor prescribes you medicine with certain suggestions, they are not just general suggestions. There is proper and strong reason behind them. One such suggestion is that whether you have to take the medicine with food or without it. There are certain medicines which need some food or some special type of food and it decides how a particular drug will react in your entire body from your stomach. Similarly, there are few drugs which take some time to get absorbed by the body and it is preferred that you take them when your stomach is empty or you are not planning to eat anything for the next couple of hours. When taken in an incorrect order, these medicines cause huge trouble to the health and impacts the immunity system the most.

3) Not avoiding certain foods despite taking right Medicine

Even if you end up taking the right kind of medicines for the problem you are suffering from including the right kind of dosage, even then you are in the risk of affecting your health. One of the reasons behind that is not knowing what kind of food you have to stop consuming during the course of your medication. For example, there are certain calcium-containing foods which should be avoided when you are taking some antibiotics as the calcium can neutralize the impact of the antibiotics. Similarly, the enzymes present in juice also reduces the metabolism of many medicines. This will have no positive effect on the body and it will remain sick and the problem will not be cured. It may also put a negative effect on your body as the medicine may react with the food and can cause serious damage to your immunity.

4) Taking the medicine of some other person

If someone in your family was suffering from cold or fever and he took some medicine and was cured by it, doesn’t mean that you will also be cured by taking the same medicine. When a doctor prescribes some medicine to a particular patient, then that is given by considering his medical condition and how much drug dosage his body can tolerate. Hence it is never advisable to take the medicine of some other person. That is going to create lots of negative impact on your body and can have harsh effects on your health.

These are the ways through which your health may get affected if you do not take the medicines prescribed by your doctor. It may not only harm your immunity but may also lead to life-threatening incidents.

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