7 Tips on How to Spend Your Layover Time at the Airport

Ah, the dreaded layover—what on earth will you do besides twiddle your thumbs as you people watch at the airport? The following tips will help fight the boredom so you can make the most of your time between flights and pass away the layover time easily:

Listen to a podcast to Spend Layover time.

You’ve meant to listen to the latest Episode of “This American Life,” but haven’t found the spare time to do so—well, this is that time. Being in an airport by yourself for an extended period will force you to get to the activities you’ve wanted to catch up on, and this particular action is very conducive to the airport lounging situation you’ve been placed in.

Relax at a different kind of club.

If you’re flying with an airline that gives you access to exclusive lounges, take full advantages of these benefits. Ones like the United Club offer a slew of amenities like a bar with complimentary bar service (where perhaps you’ll make a few friends at), free Wi-Fi to help counter all the data you’ve been eating away at during your travels, and conference rooms which are perfect if you need to conduct some business calls or concentrate on the work emails that have been piling up during vacation.

Explore the layover city.

Should your layover be very long, take this opportunity to get outside the airport and walk around the city in which your layover is? Often, airports are surrounded by tourist-friendly attractions, strategically placed with the understanding that there will be lots of out-of-town visitors in the area. You can snap pictures, eat at a famous restaurant only found in that city and explore a different culture while you wait.

Make the iPad your best friend.

Got an iPad Pro? During a layover, this can become your best friend. Catch up on the latest show, watch a movie, read an iBook, or if you’re school, use it to do homework since you’ll be away from usual distractions. And should you be streaming movies, you might want to invest in a carrier for your smart mobile devices that’s got data-friendly data plans such as T-mobile’s whose “Binge-On” program lets you stream endless video without actually cutting into your data plan—a must when you go on a Netflix-binge, layover-style.

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Exercise at the airport.

It may look a little strange doing push-ups at the airport, but who cares when you don’t know anyone anyways, right? If you’re bold enough to do so and need the much-needed workout after being out of your daily exercise and diet routine, pick a little spot and practice efficiency by busting out some sit-ups, lunges or even some yoga poses. For those who err on the shyer side, maybe speed walk up and down the airport for a discreet cardio workout.

Beautify yourself.

A lot of airports contain spas and nail salons which can be extremely useful for those who are on their way to a destination wedding for instance and didn’t have time to get their nails done, or headed back home in need of a dire haircut. Capitalize on the personal time off to take care of yourself so that when you eventually land in your next, maybe final, stop you’ll be ready to shine.

Catch up on the Zzz’s.

You’re already exhausted from all the traveling you’ve been doing, so why not utilize this layover to lay down and catch up on some sleep. This will help you reenergize for what’s next once you step off the plane, whether it’s home or going out and about in a new city where you’re bound to seize the day.

Layovers don’t have to be boring. Entertain yourself, exercise, explore or nap away. Think of it as the “you time” you’ve been wanting for a while and enjoy the layover experience like never before.

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