How To Recover The Damaged CCTV/DVR Footage In India

As we all know that the simple storage devices such as USB drives, Hard Disk drives, etc. are becoming must-have gadgets in this era of internet, data, desktop, and smartphone. And on a personal note, I like the mechanism of storage devices like Hard Disk Drives and modernize Solid State drives as they can easily store GBs and TBs of data.

But there is a harsh truth which says ‘Each and everything in this world come with its limitations’ and the same thesis applies to all the storage devices out there. See, the main thought behind this article is to disperse the awareness about the limitations of drives among our viewers.

Nowadays we are observing that the storage of data is not limited to PC related files, but people, organizations, and corporate houses are using the facilities of storage devices to secure sensitive data such as CCTV or DVR footage as well. Having said that, we have seen many viewers come to us with queries related to data loss due to the crash of drives, CCTV footage recovery options, etc. In that case, it becomes significant to look out for data recovery options, but that also don’t work as most of the data recovery software in the marketplace are not reliable. Especially in a country like India where the internet penetration is still low which prevent folks to find credible recovery options.

After looking at the seriousness of CCTV/DVR footage loss, I tried to configure out an easy and reliable solution for CCTV footage recovery options and searched the internet hard. After a hefty research, we found an ISO certified data recovery company named ‘Stellar Data Recovery‘ and we were impressed with their testimonials, achievements, and client list (include Axis Bank, BMW, DHL, Google). The company offers both services and software related data recovery products, to recover lost or deleted CCTV footage.

Fundamentals of CCTV, DVR, and CCTV DVR

Before knowing the cure of subject’s enemy, one should firstly need to understand ‘What the subject is all about?’. In this case, the subjects are CCTV, DVR, and CCTV DVR and enemy are those deleted/corrupted footage and drives. So let’s learn how the mechanism of above-mentioned devices works?

Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV): In simple terms, it is also known as video surveillance and uses video cameras to transmit a signal to a specific destination, on a limited set of monitors. Talking about its technical aspects, it appoints point to point (P2P), point to multipoint (P2MP), or mesh type wireless links. Though it is apart from broadcast television in a sense that the signal is not transmitted openly.

Digital Video Recorders (DVR): Like CCTVt, a layman is quite familiar with DVR term as well. Similarly, DVR performs the task of recording and then save the recorded video to any drive such as hard disk drive, USB flash drive, SSD, or SD memory card.

CCTV DVR: It is the extended form of CCTV as it also incorporates Digital Video Recorders. In general, CCTV DVR is kind of video surveillance device that can record and display videos for years. Addition to this, with the superfluity of advanced features and quality performance options, it is a device that can be used as a credible security system. This sort of devices also carries elements like motion detection and email alerts that make them a complete security device.

Now that you are familiar with these devices let’s look at the causes for loss of CCTV DVR footage that contributes to DVR CCTV data recovery. Some of them include CCTV hard drive failure, power outage, failure of CCTV DVR systems, damaged firmware on HDD, and deletion of CCTV DVR footage accidentally.

Go For Recovery of CCTV DVR Footage

Well that’s the part we all were waiting for, but you see when we talk about DVR hard disk recovery, it is more complicated than it sounds. Things like CCTV or DVR hard disk recovery is not an overnight job, especially for a layman by just performing few searches on Google. In short, the whole ‘DIY’ concept is strictly inapplicable for CCTV/DVR hard disk recovery task.

In the case of loss in CCTV/DVR footage data, you shouldn’t try to handle the situation alone as any mistake can cause the recorded videos to be lost forever beyond the realm of recovery. It is rather advisable to opt for a proven DVR CCTV data recovery service, and that’s where I believe companies like ‘Stellar Data Recovery’ plays a crucial in executing the task. Looking at their customer testimonials, clients lists, years of experience, you can reach any of their service centers in the country either through email, phone call, or a direct visit to their recovery centers without any tension.

Before moving, I would like you to understand the set of rules in the form of Dos and Don’ts that need to be followed in case of CCTV failure.


  • Stop using the CCTV DVR device after you encounter any issue with it.
  • Go for a reliable and trusted software in case of simple damage.
  • Consult only reliable DVR recovery service provider in case of physical damage.


  • Do not try to format the CCTV hard drive.
  • Do not delete any footage file or overwrite the hard drive
  • Never attempt to repair the device on your own without consulting professional.

As far as Stellar is concerned, all formats of image and video files that DVRs record and play are supported by them. MPEG-2 .mpg, MPEG-2 .TS, MPEG-4 Part 2, H.264, VOB and ISO images video, with MP3 and AC3 audio tracks, are the supported video formats. For Images, its JPEG and PNG, whereas and music files of MP3 and Ogg type are also supported. For more information on Stellar’s services and products, do visit their website. You can also visit Stellar Data Recovery at their Delhi Branch.

Addition to this, I have seen people getting disturbed whenever their CCTV devices are exposed to certain accidents and have a myth that one can’t able to recover those CCTV videos once lost. So for all of them, I would like to disclose that you can certainly recover your data if your device falls under any of these circumstances:

  • If you have a CCTV DVR whose hard drive is damaged.
  • If your CCTV videos are damaged due to lightning.
  • If the video is accidentally deleted from CCTV DVR.
  • If your CCTV footage is damaged due to CCTV DVR whose hard drive has been formatted.
  • If your CCTV footage is damaged due to malicious code.

In conclusion, the recovery of CCTV DVR footage is very much possible but requires professional assistance. And when considering a data recovery service provider, one should only go for credible and trusted brands whose satisfied customer base is good.

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