6 Best Video Games for Stoners

We all know that comfortable feeling of getting high & watch some tv. Sure, you could melt into a documentary and enjoy yourself in that manner…but is it really the best way to enjoy a high?

Just watching something is an easy way to melt away into the couch, never really taking in what is going on. With a game, though, you make it easier to ignite your mind and free yourself from that ‘gouch’ that so many people feel when they smoke and watch.

However, choosing the right games to play can be a tough one – let’s take a look at some of the classic video game favorites for people who enjoy smoking weed.

  1. Pro Evolution Soccer

The whacky cousin to the popular FIFA, this soccer game is the stoners choice. Exceptionally fast-paced and a great representation of the beautiful game, you can have some great matches either against the AI or friends. It’s the next best thing to going out and having a kick-around in the park and is hugely exciting.

  1. Shovel Knight

A brilliant game to play at any point, the immense difficulty of the game, the excellent level design and the modern twists on the 2D platformer genre makes this an outstanding game to play. The co-op feature makes it a great one to play through with a friend.

  1. Nioh

A hack-and-slash game in the mold of Dark Souls, Nioh is set in feudal Japan and is absolutely awesome. The difficulty, the depth, the detail and the overall enjoyment of the gameplay makes this a must to have in your collection. A wild time and one that you can truly grow to love if you are looking for some slashing engagement that will take your breath away.

  1. Final Fantasy

Any of them – the whole series, if you can. Final Fantasy games are immense time sinks with outrageous plots, exceptional storytelling and deep, engrossing worlds. Add in the hundreds of hours of gameplay that the series will give you, and this can make an epic series to hop into at one stage if you need something truly engrossing to play.

  1. Overwatch

Fast paced and with a great hint of fantasy to it, this is the FPS for those who enjoy a bit of invention in their gaming. With immense character selection and a huge amount of fun to be had, Overwatch makes a great way for you to have some fun and engaging in something a little bit different to the norm. it’s a fun shooter even if you are stone-cold sober, but it becomes a hilarious experience when high!

  1. Cities: Skylines

A city builder that took the crown directly from SimCity, Cities: Skylines is an energizing and engrossing gaming experience that you will almost certainly grow to love. A fine choice when you are looking for something that just allows you to build and really allow that creative, artistic side of yours to flourish.

With this in mind, then, you should be so much closer to having a much more energizing night when you get high. If you don’t want to become one with the sofa, try firing up a console or your PC and engaging in a more active form of entertainment!

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