5 Strong Reasons Not To Buy Maruti Suzuki Cars In India

So are you looking to buy an entry or mid-range segment car for yourself? If you are based in India then there are high chances that you might consider buying one of Maruti’s cars for reasons such as fuel-efficiency, low service cost, etc. Wait and calm your nerves before taking a further decision, this article may change your perception towards Maruti Suzuki cars entirely.

We know that you are reading those victory stories of Maruti Suzuki for years now but it’s a high time and things have started to change. This article talks about 5 strong reasons not to buy Maruti Suzuki Cars in India on the various ground such as safety, solidity, and loyalty. Note: Here you see, we are not endorsing one brand over other but trying our level best to give you a true insight so that you can make a smarter decision before buying one for yourself.

5. Their design really sucks

If you think that Maruti Suzuki offers a cutthroat design with their cars then take a pause. In simple terms, Maruti Suzuki looks just fine but can’t elevate their status quo when it comes to design quotient. And you see, as far as the design factor goes, Honda and Hyundai still offer a lot more compared to Maruti in the same price segment.


  1. See Indian market is budget market and a huge middle class is there so considering this Maruti is doing good.

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