5 Fun Games You Can Enjoy During Home Parties

A lot of people are passionate about celebrating their free time with loved ones. What’s better than throwing a party to enjoy the day everyone? A home party is a solution to this. But rather than being a cheap thrill, it must be an affair to remember.

To make a home party a blast, you need to plan everything in detail. Food and beverage are necessary, but the entertainment has to be prioritized. The party group can either be of college friend, or family; having kids and elderly people in it. You need to plan every bit of it according to the people that are going to join.

Let us make it easy for you to decide as to what games can be arranged at the home party to make it fun.

Dumb Charades

The most popular game of all times, anyone can play it at any time. In this game, one of the members of a group enacts a film through his actions, and the members of other groups try to figure out the game. Such is the intensity of the game that it can smoke fire to even the most boring party as well.

Yet another cool thing about the game is that people from any age group can enjoy it. Rejuvenate your party by playing dumb charades with your loved ones and get it rocking.


So many people these days love to roll a ball towards the target; pins in this case. It is one of the major forms of throwing sports out there. Although not a cheap idea, it is fun to play bowling with your loved ones. The time has gone when one had to move out of his home to play this sport. The home bowling alley installations have made it possible for a lot of people to install a mini bowling alley at their homes within a budget.

Keeping a few things about installing a home bowling alley lane in mind, can easily get a residential bowling alley installed at your place. Who doesn’t want to enjoy such a lovely game with friends? Make it memorable by investing some money. Not just once, it can be used at any time for that matter.


More popularly known as The Dictionary Game, it is a word game in which players have to guess the meaning of obscure words. One of the players use a dictionary to find out the strange words, and the other one has to guess its meaning and then write it down on a piece of paper.

The two players generally continue it for ten words and then pass on the dictionary and the piece of paper to the other members there. Isn’t it cool that by playing a game at a party, you can learn some unknown words? Again, anyone can play it at any given point of time.

Chinese Whispers

In the United States of America, it is popular by the name, ‘Telephone.’ To play this game, all the guests have to sit or stand in a line. The first person would decide a message and whisper it into the ear of the next one. The chain would continue until it reaches the last person in the queue.

The last person will then announce it, and the first one would compare both the versions. More often than not, the message gets distorted until it makes its way to the final person. It generally turns out to be humorous, leaving everyone in laughter and amusement. What’s interesting about it? Well, anyone can play it.

Musical Chairs

A party is dry without music. But what if you can play a game with the music? Well, ‘musical chairs’ is precisely about the same. Count the number of people and then place one fewer chair in a row. Play the music and circle around the whole row until the music stops.

Once the music is turned off, sit down on the accessible chair. The one who could not manage to get a seat, drops out, and then one more chair is removed from the row. It keeps going until the winner is left.


When with a lot of people, it is much better to enjoy at home than in a pub or a bar. If the article gives you the joy, imagine the entertainment you will have, when you actually play these games with your guests.

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