3 Ways to Strengthen Your Cybersecurity

The internet is a vast global network that allows you to connect with people all over the world while still enjoying adorable cat videos and dank memes from the comfort of your home. However, not everyone on the internet uses it for education, work, or entertainment. Some use the cybersphere to hack and steal from others. And though we all hope that our computers will be able to fight off attacks with pre-uploaded safety software, being proactive and investing in your cybersecurity is key. Here are three ways you can avoid and protect yourself from a cyber attack.

Invest in the right software

The right software could mean the difference between blocking a potential hacker and losing access to all of your personal, private information. And no, the software your computer comes with rarely cuts it today.

Do some research on which security software programs will provide you with the best protection for the cost that best fits your needs. Tech-centered publications often publish articles annually on how different iterations of security software compare to each other. PC Mag compared 10 different software types and rated them on whether or not they had strong firewalls, anti-spam software, parental controls, backup, and tuneup. This provides you with insight into what each platform offers and which ones are industry leaders. They also listed the prices of each software, allowing you to decide which you can afford.

Protect your applications

Cybersecurity doesn’t only exist on your computer. It lives on any electronic device with access to applications or the cloud. This means your phone or tablet are also at risk of being hacked. To protect your applications or access to your cloud data, consider downloading container security software.

Container security is essentially the protection of the integrity of containers. This ranges from the singular application to the infrastructure on which the application relies: your electronic device.

Protection is essential, but it’s easier than ever. Companies such as Twistlock are leaders in innovative cybersecurity and application/container protections. These companies offer many different platforms and solutions that generally have user-friendly interfaces, making it feasible to implement cloud protection.

Be smart

Be smart about your online choices. Though that website offering a free pair of leggings or other free services may be enticing, do your research before clicking on links. Look into the organization to make sure it’s not a scam. Never click on links from email addresses you do not know or trust. Looking for red flags such as broken English or questionable file attachments will ensure your cybersecurity.

And, though it’s easier to save passwords to your computer, try writing them down. If someone does hack your computer and you do not have vital passwords saved, then they have another obstacle in their path that will buy you time to seek out professional assistance. Write your passwords down in a classy Moleskine notebook so that you have them all in one place. You can organize the book with colorful tabs to help you find your passwords faster.

If you’re not tech-savvy, thinking about cybersecurity might make you anxious. But as long as you find ways to protect your personal information, secure your applications, and avoid making foolish mistakes that compromise your security, you can still enjoy everything technology has to offer. Just remember to always do your research and consider your options.

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