5 foosball apps for Android and Apple

Foosers from all over the world can now enjoy playing their favorite sport on smartphones and tablets. But, picking the good app for your device can be too long. So, to avoid downloading, installing and eventually erasing the app, read the list below. I have made all the work for you and I have picked the best foosball apps for Android and Apple in the market.

1. Foosball Cup World

The title of the best foosball game on the market belongs to the Android developers, Ludus Studio. This app has everything one fooser needs, from graphics and design to special options and great game experience. I like the fact that you can play quick match or tournament and for that, you can pick one out of 51 national teams this app offers. Besides that, you can pick the table, players, and foosballs, but you have to win a couple of matches to unlock them.

2. Foosball Cup

The Foosball World Cup’s older brother, Foosball Cup is also one really impressive app. The design is not that good, but it is still better than most of the foosball apps for Android. The app has so many options you can choose from which is amazing. When it comes to teams, you can’t choose from 51 different national teams, but there is a list of teams. One thing I really like is the fact that you can change everything in the game without unlocking features like on the Foosball Cup World.

3. Let’s Foosball Free – Table Football

This application is made for iOS devices and it is, by quality, similar to first two apps. You can’t choose tables, players or balls, but what you can choose is the difficulty, the camera view (pretty interesting) and uniforms. They offer the 4 players option, which may be OK for iPads, but I think that iPhones are too small for that option. 2 players mode is enough for great gaming experience.

4. Foosball

White Collar Games made this app which is actually called Foosball 2013 and it is made for Android. The app is far more simple than any other app on the list so you will figure out how to play in seconds. I like the fact that you can choose the difficulty and the match duration. Those options tell me that this app is more focused on 2 players more than on the tournament and I think it can be important to someone.

5. Foosball illusion labs

I have saved this app for last because it is not as good as the rest of the list. Now, the quality is not the problem, lack of features is. You can choose the game mode and the difficulty but that is it. No table sizes, uniforms, formations, nothing. It looks like it is made for kids so they can start it and immediately play table football .

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