10 Biggest Travelling Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Going on a holiday should be the best thing in the world. But it can be quite stressed inducing, often because we end up making silly mistakes before our travels and afterward. So, we end up lying on the bed with a suitcase full of items and thinking how did this happen.

Well, to avoid you from being the girl on the bed in frustration, here are the 10 biggest traveling mistakes and tips on how to avoid them.

1. Packing too much stuff

Yep, women are especially guilty of this one. But we try to compensate not having our wardrobe with us on our travels by essentially packing everything. But having too much stuff in your pack can result in luggage fees and you will have no room for souvenirs and other fun stuff.

Solution: Create a packing plan that’ll leave your luggage around 1/3 empty. Ensure your clothes mix and match with each other.

2. Packing the wrong stuff

Even when we are being careful about what we pack, we can end up packing the wrong stuff. We end up sitting on the bed with a luggage full of bikinis when it is raining outside.

Solution: Pick items based on the activities you are actually planning to do and always check the weather forecast – no matter how depressing it might be!

3. Not tracking your reservation

To avoid you from lying in the hotel bed in frustration for the wrong room, always keep an eye on your tracking details. You need to have the itinerary at hand and printed out to know you pay the right amount and get the rooms and flights you deserve.

Solution: Print the reservation details and tuck them into your wallet. You can also use digital apps to stay on top. Sites like Booking.com offer ample opportunities for this.

4. Creating a tight travel schedule

Everyone likes going for a holiday but no one really enjoys the traveling part. This often ends up making us book flights too close to each other or taking the taxi to the airport in the final minute.

Solution: Add 30-minutes to your travel plans every time. Don’t be afraid to leave extra room between.

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5. Storing your valuables in the luggage

It’s easy to think your valuables will be safe in your luggage once you get to the hotel. However, you can never know when the thieves strike and it’s important to store valuables away from sight.

Solution: Always ask for a safe at the hotel and store extra money and other valuables inside the vault.

6. Forgetting to check roaming charges

You’ll want to take your smartphone with you but it’s so easy to forget about the roaming fees. You might even end up in a situation where you have no coverage because you haven’t allowed roaming with your service provider.

Solution: Check your plan and make sure you are on top of the roaming charges. Turn off your Wi-Fi and avoid texting and using the net as much as possible.

7. Not sharing your travel hopes with your travel companions

If you are traveling with your partner or friends, talk about your travel plans before. Many people end up stuck in the destination not knowing what to do or not doing what they want because they didn’t communicate with partners.

Solution: Come up with a list of things you would definitely like to do and find a common ground.

8. Forgetting to buy travel insurance

Travel insurance might seem like an unnecessary. But you might need it for many things. Your hotel might have an accident, you might be robbed or you might end up having to visit the hospital afterward. If you don’t have insurance, you’ll end up paying a lot more than you would for this simple policy.

Solution: Cut down the cost by comparing insurance online and consider opting for annual travel insurance if you travel frequently.

9. Not taking cash with you

Since everything is digital nowadays, we often forget to exchange cash and just rely on our credit cards. However, this can be problematic for a variety of reasons. First, not all places abroad accept credit card just like they don’t do back at home. You might also incur charges with your credit card.

Solution: Exchange money by using online services to guarantee you have a bit of cash with you. Make sure to also check whether your credit card imposes any transaction fees.

10. You forget to relax

We also tend to stress traveling a little too much and then forget to have a good time. You should try to enjoy the whole experience and avoid putting too much pressure on things going a certain way.

Solution: Find techniques that help you relax and stop worrying about things that might go wrong.

With the tips, you won’t end up making the biggest traveling mistakes but instead will have a good time!

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