11 Surprising Tricks to Increasing Willpower

Did you know that people wished they had more willpower so they could improve their lives? If you want to learn tips for increasing willpower, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over ways to resist temptations and improve self-control.

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1. Strengthen Your Willpower Muscle

You can build up your willpower over time or even overuse it by denying yourself things. Willpower depletion could weaken your ability to avoid temptation.

Exercising self-control can help build your willpower. Make sure you give yourself a small break, so you don’t deplete your resolve.

One way to increase your willpower is to use your imagination. If you feel stressed out and want to eat junk food, close your eyes for a moment.

Imagine you’re lying on a soothing beach and listening to the waves hitting the shore. Your body will begin to relax, and the craving will pass.

2. Track How Much You Spend

One way to improve your willpower is to start tracking how much you spend. Knowing what money comes in each month, and what goes out will help your finances and self-control.

You will see what areas you overspend and ways you can curb your spending. Learning to say no to yourself will help you boost your willpower over time.

3. Don’t Take On Too Many Goals

At first, you’ll want to set smaller goals to achieve. Focus on accomplishing those tasks first.

If you want to lose weight, you can start by cutting back on your portions and snacks. Add more water to your routine. You’ll lose weight by achieving those small goals.

After seeing the results of your initial goals, you will feel more motivated to reach the next goal.

4. Make a Plan

To give yourself a mental break, make some decisions in advance. Consider finishing meal prep for the week on Sunday. This way, you won’t end up stopping at a fast food place on your way home.

Before you go to a dinner party, decide how much you’ll eat and drink. With exercise, plan it into your schedule. You might not feel motivated to go alone. Yet, planning to go with a friend will help you stick to your goal.

5. Stay Away From Temptation

If you’re on a diet, don’t pick up foods that you can’t resist. If you want to limit how much drink, stay away from activities where drinking is the main event.

Put off the things you want until the evening, so you finish your goals. If you’re going to watch a television show, plan to watch it before bed. Get your exercise and meal prep out of the way.

6. Track Your Habits

If you want to eat healthy food or exercise, consider a tracking app.

With a food tracking app, you can avoid poor snacking at night. You’ll begin to notice the empty calories you consume throughout the day. Soon, you’ll swap those less healthy snacks to fresh fruit or vegetables.

When you reach a particular milestone, make sure you celebrate. You should set aside something to look forward to doing after you achieve your goal.

Consider buying a new outfit if you lost weight or get a massage after completing a fitness goal.

7. Get a Deep Sleep

Mental and physical fatigue can often lower your willpower. People tend to feel distracted when they have poor sleep hygiene. The impulsive centers of your mind can become overactive.

It’s challenging to stay on task when you’re sleepy. Aim to get enough deep sleep each night, so your energy levels are high. Don’t use your phone in bed. Make your room as dark as possible.

Consider getting a diffuser for your bedroom. Lavender essential oil is a relaxing scent and can help you get ready for bed.

8. Take Care of Your Prefrontal Cortex

Your prefrontal cortex is the brain region that’s behind your forehead. Your prefrontal cortex can help you with regulating your behavior and making decisions.

To control your urges and to make good decisions, you need to take care of your prefrontal cortex. Eat good food, meditate, and get enough sleep.

9. Get Outside and Exercise

Exercise can benefit our physical health, but it’s also essential for the brain. A couple of months of regular exercise can improve the parts of the brain that control willpower.

You will find it easier to say no to distractions.

10. Finish the Priority Tasks First

After you wake up in the opening, your willpower is at its strongest. As you work, your self-control will become taxed.

If there’s something that you want to finish and you need to use a lot of willpower, do it first thing.

11. Create a New Habit

When you make something a habit, you won’t use as much willpower to complete the task.

People don’t end up arguing with themselves to brush their teeth in the morning. Those kinds of tasks become part of a routine.

Cleaning your workspace throughout the week can become a habit too. You might use a deep cleaning list once a month.

Your willpower will improve overtime as these things become habits.

Now You Know How to Go About Increasing Willpower

We hope this guide on willpower was helpful. Take your time building new habits, eating well, and exercising. You’ll be on your way to increasing willpower.

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