10 Ways to Be More Sustainable in Your Daily Life

You owe it to yourself and to the world to become as sustainable and eco-friendly as you possibly can be.

In the world you live in today, there are always more energy-efficient options than the ones most consumers flock to.

Going the sustainable route is not an option. There is no solid excuse for electing to use harmful products when a better choice is right in front of you.

Simply start by making a few minor adjustments to see the quality and improvement in your life.

Here are several ways to be more sustainable in your everyday hustle and bustle.

1. Time Your Showers

The amount of unnecessary water used in a single shower time will shock you. On average, Americans use over 2 gallons for every minute they use the shower.

Rounding out your shower time and attempting to limit it as much as possible can be amazingly helpful to the environment around you.

Not to mention, you’ll be saving on your water bill significantly from month to month… this one is a no brainer!

Try to limit each member of your family to one shower session per day. Obviously, there will be times that require more than one but try to limit those as much as possible. It is worth mentioning that Kitchen Home electric showers can help you with your savings in everyday life.

2. Get a Water-Saving Head

While you’re considering the effect your shower is having on your local environment, you’ve hopefully found the amount of used water daunting.

Take your water-saving showers to the next level by placing a water-saving showerhead in all of your bathrooms.

Not only will you keep a watchful eye on the timing of the shower, but your showerhead can also help you control the amount of water being used during that time.

This is crucial for those times you require more time in the shower to do other things like shaving, shampoo/conditioning, or even brushing your teeth (if you’re one of those people).

3. Turn Off All Devices at Night

Who said saving the planet couldn’t lower your electric bill in the process?

Not only is turning off all of your devices at night a great idea for sustainability, but it’s also a great practice for your day-to-day routine.

You’ll find it easier to sleep at night without distractions to run to such as Youtube videos on your phone, Netflix on the TV, or video games within an arms reach.

Turning off all devices includes your wifi router, you have no need for it while you’re asleep.

4. Develop a Habit of Turning Lights Off

Maybe turning off all devices is too extreme of a shift from your family’s current bedtime routine.

Whether you have little ones that need a night light or white noise as you fall asleep, you can still offer more energy-saving.

Start a healthy practice of enforcing a “turn off the light” policy for your whole family to follow. Anytime someone is the last one to leave the room, they have to turn the lights off or pay the consequences.

It’s a great routine to get you and your entire family into, you’re teaching the next generation to optimize sustainability in their every day lives.

5. Recycle

Recycling is a term you’ve heard millions of times throughout your life. Yet most people still don’t seek it out in their day-to-day.

Sure, if there’s a blue trash can at work then you’ll elect to use it… but what about at home? Are you recycling there as well?

Buy an extra trash can (differently colored or shaped than the main one) and place it in your kitchen. That’s where most recyclable material is used anyways.

6. Research Your Products

Knowledge is power, and reaching for the sustainable products on the shelves of your local stores is of the utmost importance.

If there are a few products in your life that you’re curious about, look up reviews and research on the materials that they’re made of.

Common products to be researched would be things like cleaning products, toiletries, and food products. Not only are they harmful to the environment… they’re harmful to yourself.

7. Enter the Paperless Trend

While recent studies have shown that using paper actually helps your environment, there are still forms of paper to dodge such as receipts.

These are often made of chemicals in them to be able to heat press the ink onto them without smudging.

In order to dodge that getting into your community, elect for a receipt via email every time!

8. Find a New Task for Your Glass Jars

Glass jars are a very helpful storage item to have around your kitchen. Whether it’s filled with jams, nuts, or homemade lemonade, they provide a great service.

However, throwing them into the trash is one of the most harmful habits all Americans have these days.

Instead, opt to find a new home for them. Clean them, store them, and reuse them at a later date.

9. Accumulate a Makeup-Free Week Each Month

Another sustainable habit for women’s daily routine is opting to wear less makeup from month-to-month. It has materials in it that aren’t only harmful to the environment, but your own skin.

Try accumulating 7 days each month that you didn’t use any makeup.

Whether you do a week straight or just pick a few days you’ll need it least, it will develop a healthy habit moving forward.

10. Buy Multi-Use Bathroom Products

Want another way of saving money from month to month while becoming more sustainable? 

Buying multi-purpose bathroom products, like a 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner, will help trim down on harmful materials getting into the water supply.

It also helps trim that budget in the process, a win-win for everyone involved!

Ways to be More Sustainable: Raise Your Awareness

Many people simply aren’t aware of ways to be more sustainable because they don’t have the knowledge to do so.

You’ll notice that opting for more sustainability in your life will raise awareness to others around you… and that’s a beautiful thing!

Be sure to circle back with Abrition often for helpful information on the trends of your present day.

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